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(TOS)FANS IN BLACK Terms of Service, Version 3.5
You agree to the following Terms of Service with any use of the services provided at fansinblack.com. If you do not agree, do not use this site. If you need to discuss any of these terms and conditions, please contact us. With 48 hour notice, WFIB reserves the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time.

I. Target Audience The Worldwide Fans In Black Booster Club of the Oakland Raiders is a private club open to all fans of the Oakland Raiders. We do not discriminate solely on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation or genetic information. We do discriminate on the basis of your loyalty to the Raiders. If you do not feel a deep down allegiance to the Oakland Raiders, this club is not for you.

II. The Purpose of the Worldwide Fans In Black Booster Club The Worldwide Fans In Black (WFIB) Booster Club is an officially recognized Booster Club of the Oakland Raiders. Our mission is simple: "Advancing a better understanding of the Greatness of the Raiders". In more detail, we do this by working towards these core values:
  1. Strive to educate new fans on the rich history of the team.
  2. Counter the anti-Raiders media bias with a more balanced and responsible view that only long-time daily observers can have
  3. At every opportunity, work with Raiders fans worldwide to perform good, charitable and giving deeds... validating the true face of the Raider Nation.
  4. Foster better communication between Raider fans through online resources and in-person events.
III. What Membership Provides Paid membership includes membership listing within the Worldwide Fans In Black Raiders Booster Club. Certain “private privileges” (such as access to private messaging and access to private forums) are extended to paid members who are in compliance with all Terms of Service (TOS) conditions described in this document. Violations of the TOS may result in temporarily or long term loss of these privileges. However, loss of privileges does not neccessarily result in loss of paid membership. Paid membership is revoked upon decision of the club and is not tied to private privileges.

IV. Online Communication Please read the terms below which lay out how the WFIB and it's related message boards are to be operated. Any issues should be taken privately and directly to the forum administrator (aka WFIB Business Officer aka Quartermaster).

VIOLATIONS: TOS violations will result in anything from a silent/unannounced loss of REP POWER/post count/reduced subscription, to complete loss of "shield" access with timeout from participation in the online forums. Amount of time spent in timeouts vary from short to long depending on number of previous offense and severity of offenses. We do not ban any Raiders fans... but we do give you enough rope if you wish to virtually hang yourself.

A. Forums and Discussion: The HomePort Forum was created in 1995. Over the years it has been the beacon of light for all Raider fans voyaging on the Seven Cyberseas of the internet. Since HomePort is the genesis of the WFIB, it is also treated as a private resource, a protected sanctuary. As such it is shielded(moderated) from:
a) fan-on-fan personal wars, b) neverending unfounded anti-Raiders bias found in mainstream media and c) shielded from the drama created by fans who desperately seek attention.

Because all services at fansinblack.com are paid for by members, elected officers(and a team of volunteers) determine these terms and conditions of private use. The natural result of this privileged forum having specific terms and conditions of use has operationally aligned HomePort with the WFIB Core values listed above. Any members challenging these core values should immediately stop using the HomePort forum and take their challenge to the WFIB Business Officer. It is important to note that all services, including but not limited to posting, avatars, signatures and personal messaging are covered by all provisions of this Tearms and Services document. Pleasde note all other forums, such as The Black Pearl follow these terms of service, however you may find them to be less moderated.

B. Peacekeepers: Volunteers asked to moderate the forums are known as "Peacekeepers". These volunteers are asked to do a generally thankless job, scanning the forums and acting (if they must) to address Terms Of Service violation(s). Sometimes this means posts will get edited or deleted or threads will be closed. Peacekeepers can escalate more severe or repeat offenses to the WFIB Business Officer where various other responses may be used.

All members should respect Peacekeepers as forum moderators who are trying to clean up a mess. If you feel you are being undully singled out by a Peacekeeper, please contact the administrator. Also note that anytime a fan serving as a Peacekeeper engages in forum discussion not related to these TOS, they are acting as a fan. They are not to be considered role models. Their participation not related to Peacekeeping duties is not to be held to a higher standard. If you disrepect, make snide comments, infer anytthing disrespectful, you will be treated as an Habitual Offender. If you have beef with a post, use the "Report bad post" button. It is located on every post, and it is your friend. If you do not think you are getting a response, please PM any Peacekeeper or the WFIB Business Officer and we'll act as soon as we can. Trying to solve a problem on your own will in turn cause more problems than it is trying to fix. Let the powers that be take care of it. If you'd like to join the Peacekeeper team, please PM the WFIB Business Officer.

C. Behavior to Avoid

o Habitual Offenses: Offenses that violate the terms and conditions listed here will be dealt with in as respectful a manner as possible. We want every Raider fan to be welcome and to be able to share his/her opinions/ideas. But tempers do flare and things get out of hand. So we have to deal. Peacekeepers, with approval from the WFIB Business Officer, will deal with violations in an escalating manner. First offenses will receive responses, possibly in the form of online edits of a post. Repeat and habitual offenses will receive anything from a silent/unannounced loss of REP POWER/post count/reduced subscription, to complete loss of "shield" access with timeout from participation in the online forums. Amount of time spent in timeouts vary from short to long depending on number of previous offense and severity of offenses. We do not ban any Raiders fans... but we do give you enough rope if you wish to virtually hang yourself.

o Self-Serving Public Complaints: OK, so everyone thinks they can run the forums better than they are run now. You're the best, woot woot. OK, but the reality is that when members complain publicly on the forums about other members or unfair treatment, etc. it can cause more personal warring. So if you believe another poster needs to be calmed down or if you believe there is an unfair interpretration of these terms, there is a proper way to address your concerns. Just PM the administrator. Why? Well among other reasons, your complaints are usually followed by a few mental midgets that just want to take it over the line into ugly. Then the personal wars pick up. So we would love to hear your suggestions privately. But absolutely keep them off the forums. Repeated offenses will result in loss of access.

o Elitism: If you are among a relatively small group of individuals who believe you know more than others because your view is constantly negative towards the Raiders or facets of the Raiders, then you are a "Negative elitist". Nothing wrong with it in general. You are welcome to bash the Raiders, complain about game performances, rail on someone within the Raiders organization, etc. But when you start throwing negative comments at other Raiders fans for not sharing your beliefs, your negative elitism may be checked by the Peacekeepers.

On the other hand, if you practice "Positive Elitism" by harassing other fans who do not have your positive belief system, you may also be rebuffed by the Peacekeepers.

It is OK to have your belief system and believe you know more than others, but to attack, abuse, use cutesy names for others in a derogatory manner is a violation of the TOS.

o Trolling: Trolling is prohibited. For those not familiar with the term, message board trolling is the act of posting anything controversial with no Raiders-related value for the purpose of stirring up a controversy. Trolling is often followed by a personal war between members and is therefore prohibited.

o Beating A Dead Horse: If you find yourself repeatedly, over the course of weeks complaining about a specific topic related to the Raiders - be it the ownership, a coach, a player, a lack of "whatever", chances are you are boring the hell out of everyone. No one needs a broken record, stuck in a groove, going on and on about some pet peeve they have. You might not realize it but your infantile whining is noise to others and therefore degrades the signal-to-noise ration. So if you continue to complain about the same specific topic, your posts will be removed. Repeat offenders of this rule will find their access removed. To clarify, this is not for those just blowing off steam. We all offer complaints - it is our natural right as a fan. But this is a rule to stop the neverending complaining about the same thing week after week after week. On behalf of our membership and fans in black worldwide, whining is not encouraged. Supporting the Raiders, even in a blindly loyal fashion, repeatedly... is NOT BEATING A DEAD HORSE.

o Making Love to the Carcass:
One step beyond "Beating a Dead Horse" is "Making Love to the Carcass". This happens when
a) You have established yourself as a tedious bore by repeatedly beating the dead horse and
b) After a Raiders loss, you spend even more romantic time with the carcass.

In the judgement of Peacekeepers, If you continue to bore members after a Raiders' loss, you will lose posting privileges until the next win or someone decides to bail you out. There will be no warnings. The MIGHTY AXE OF RESPECT will come down swiftly to sever your boring head from it's carcass loving body. Also, you may lose your paid status and need to re-buy your way back in.

o Flamebaiting: this is to post on a particular subject that (intentionally or unintentionally) draws attacks from other members. Before you hit the "POST" button, is your topic generally "I told you so" or does it glorify you in some way? Please avoid trying to beat your own drum as it will draw negative responses from others. Also the same repetitive topic, even if it is pro-Raiders can bait others to respond negatively. In other words, mix it up, don't get stuck in a rut. So the bottom line on this - avoid the obvious baiting in threads as it tends to stir up negative energy and usually launches personal wars.

o Personal Wars: Do not make it personal. Debates are fine, but attack the points presented, not the person. If a thread gets filled with flames, it will be closed. If you are a culprit, your thread/post may be moved to the WAR Room. NEVER, EVER post the personal information of any other person. NEVER, EVER insult a person's family. At the same time, it is imperative that you remember that just because someone disagrees with your opinion, it is not always trolling. Learn to "consider the source" and not engage when tyou are persoanlly attacked. If tyou don't mix it up with personal attacks it makes it much easier to determine who needs a timeout. So do keep discussions civil, even if you know that the other person is completely wrong and you feel they are wasting precious oxehgen. If you are respectful to the intended audience of each forum, all will be fine. If you continuously stir the pot, you may get an unannounced timeout.

o Desperate Cry for Attention: How many times has that lonely fan posted that they are angry and “I'm never posting here again!” Within seconds several others have replied “Good”, or “Really, you promise?” Etc. etc. Nothing good ever comes of it. So we ask, if you wish to never post again... please, just leave. Members don't need the drama. They don't need the hissy fit. They don't need the ungrateful attitude. Just leave if you can't handle it.

o Narcissism - The Superior Fan Syndrome: If the vast majority of your fellow Raiders fans, find any of the following issues with your regular postings:
      a) Extremely self-serving
      b) Claims that others are lesser Raiders fans
      c) Referencing yourself in the 3rd person
      d) Regularly steer content towards you and away from actual Raiders talk
      e) That you are unable to correct your grandiose view of yourself
      f) That you crave attention, even if it is negative
      g) Not being respectful
      h) Claiming that they should ignore you
...then you may suffer from SFS - "Superior Fan Syndrome".       Peacekeepers may choose to act upon the above as TOS violations.

o Orejotus Rule: Do not invest a lot of time paying homage to those who have violated the TOS. If you do, you may lose your access as well. The point of a person being banned is that they are no longer a part of this community, temporarily or permanently. If you have something to say about the dearly departed, do so via PM to Forum Moderators.

o Dark Waters Rule: Do not make a personal spectacle of yourself. If you whine and complain about the Raiders often, do not pretend to have hurt bird feelings if someone questions your fandom. In short, Man up or STFU. Complaining that you are being "picked on" can result in a loss of access.

o Reputation Misuse: If, in the opinion of Peacekeepers, you use the forum reputation service as a personal weapon to attack others, there will be consequences. The consequences will begin with a lowering of your reputation giving power. If the violations continue you may lose access to the forum.

D. Topics to Avoid

o Freedom of Speech: As a private organization we are free to restrict freedom of speech as much as we like. The NFL(a private organization) for instance, does not allow profanity directed towards it's officials or obscene gestures to be used during it's events. Similarly, WFIB resticts speech where it might offend others at the discretion of the Peacekeepers. Simply put, use common sense and you will have all teh freedom of speech you want.

o Religion: Specific religious talk is Strictly Prohibited from all forums at fansinblack.com. Members can freely express their spiritual feelings provided they are not promoting any one particular faith. Prayer requests, non-denominational prayers and general expressions to a spiritual being are in-line with the WFIB core values. But do avoid any specific religious discussions.

o Politics: Do not get political. We tried the political post, and it did not work. Do not even bother, because the post will go away quicker than you can say "voter fraud". Topics about contemporary issues that have a connection to the government/administration are not allowed. Posts mentioning prominent political figures are not allowed.  The discussion of current government policies are not allowed. Just do not try. If you have a political agenda you have to force upon others, there are plenty of political sites where you can go when you have an axe to grind, and this is not one of them.

o Publishing Private Email: Do not publish private emails without explicit permission ( the expressed written consent of the writer). As with all internet resources, it is also poor netiquette to publicly post your private e-mail at fansinblack.com. The Personal Message (PM) system is provided as an alternative.

o Plagiarism: Do not plagiarize. If you get information from another source, give credit where it is due. No, we are not asking for a works cited page or a bibliography with every post, but a mention of the place you found the information as well as the author. In the best case, post a blurb of the content and a link to the full resource.

o Common Sense: Use it. These rules have generally been in place since the inception of the boards. They are here for a reason, we did not just decide to fill a page up with text. So use your common sense. If you think doing something that denigrates the WFIB Core Values, you are probably better off not doing it.

o Ignoring You: WFIB will be implementing a feature that allows us to count the number of times any user has been placed on “ignore” by other fans. This number will be hidden from others. When this is fully implemented, we'll have a threashold – a number. When that number is reached, you will be informed. You'll have a choice to “tone it down” (or whatever it takes to get you to recover from having many fans ignore you). If the number continues to grow, we'll look at other possibilities.

But yes, some timeouts are permanent. As a result, it is in your best interest not to do something stupid once banned, as that will certainly extend your vacation. We do not always tell you what kind of ban we issue, but you are probably better off finding out what kind of ban it is so you do not go putting your foot in your mouth to make it a permanent one. If you have been permanently banned, do not come back. You are not welcome. Go find a message board where they like trolls, because we are tired of your act. In the case of permanent termination, you may be offered a pro-rated refund, minus any handling charges. But do not count on it.

E. Content to Avoid

o Non-Safe Media: Non-Safe media includes photos, videos or other image related content. No NSFW media (pictures, videos, etc) or links to same are to be posted. NSFW stands for "Not Safe For Work" and constitutes anything that most people would not want seen by their parents, teachers, or bosses. Note the emphasis on most people. Just because your math teacher may have a thing for tubgirl(yes, that's one of the photos where just enough bubbles seem to hide the "good" parts. Or do they?) does not mean someone else's boss will like it. These boards do not need half-naked women or bloody gore fests. If you feel you cannot survive without looking at a half-naked woman for more than 5 seconds, we recommend Google. The forums and the services within are not intended for porn, tubgirl, grotesque, or excessively gory/violent pictures. If you have doubts about whether it is NSFW, you are probably better off not posting it.

o SPAM: No SPAM is allowed on fansinblack.com. If your only purpose here is to promote your site or somebody else's site, please go elsewhere. Members who start off spamming right away may lose access privileges. Other members are evaluated on a case by case basis. Spamming by private message is also unacceptable, and may result in loss of access privileges.

o Signatures: Signature and size Limitations: If an Admin deems your Signature not suited, and asks you to remove it, then please remove it in a timely manner, or we will remove it for you. Please follow the Admins suggestion with out a discussion or debate. Size Limitations: The size of an image shall be no bigger than 100K (File size), and the combined size of your signature (This includes all images and text) shall be no bigger than 700 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. If you have an image you like but it is too large, feel free to ask for help, as there are many folks here who know how to resize images. Usually you will be greeted with a private message asking to change the signature, but if there are repeated violations, action may be taken via the warning system. (Note: To find out how large a picture is, right click on it and select "Properties"

o Uploaded resources: By uploading materials to any forum or submitting any materials to us, you automatically grant (or warrant that the owner of such materials expressly granted) us a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and display, create derivative works from and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form, medium, or technology now known or later developed anywhere. In addition, you warrant that all so-called moral rights in those materials have been waived.

o Logos Team logos that appear on Fansinblack.com are the trademarks and property of their respective leagues and their respective member teams. The limited use of these trademarks is intended to provide Visitors a symbolic representation of the team names and their respective players and to convey non-verbal meaning (these pictorial indicators are necessary in the case of some non-English reading Visitors); use of these marks is therefore for utilitarian, communicative and informational media purposes only: THE USE OF THESE MARKS ON Fansinblack.com IN NO WAY INDICATES, IMPLIES OR SUGGESTS SPONSORSHIP OR ENDORSEMENT BY, OR ASSOCIATION OR AFFILIATION WITH, Fansinblack.com BY THE NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ANY OTHER SPORTS ORGANIZATION OR COLLEGE, OR ITS RESPECTIVE MEMBER TEAMS. Besides the foregoing, and unless otherwise indicated, trademarks and service marks that appear on Fansinblack.com are owned by and property of Fansinblack.com. Fansinblack.com is the service mark and property of Fansinblack.com. Any other trademarks or service marks that appear on Fansinblack.com are the property of their respective owners.

o Excessive Profanity: To our core we are passionate Raiders fans and communicating with an expletive here and there happens. Hell, as a card carrying member of the Raider Nation, it is expected. But if you often use profanity in your name calling, insulting of others or as a major facet of your comments.... you may be subject to a timeout. Lengths of timeouts vary, based on the ability of the perp to communicate an understanding of the TOS (via PM or email).

o Brought to you by WFIB: Finally, do not forget who pays for this site. We reserve the right to remove or edit any content from any forum at any time for any reason we so desire.

V. Disclaimer The materials in the fansinblack.com site are provided as-is and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

VI. Indemnification You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and for all activities that occur under your account. You hereby indemnify, defend and hold us and our affiliates and our officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees (collectively, the Indemnified Parties) harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees) incurred by the Indemnified Parties in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of this Agreement or claims arising from your account. You shall use your best efforts to cooperate with us in the defense of any claim. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you.

VII. Limitation of Liability Under no circumstances, including, but no limited to, negligence, shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use the fansinblack.com site or materials or functions on any such site, in no event shall our total liability to you for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort(including but not limited to negligence or otherwise) exceeed the amount paid by you, if any, for accessing membership resources on the fansinblack site.

VIII. Termination These terms are effective until terminated by either party. You may terminate these terms at any time by discontinuing use of Fansinblack.com and destroying all materials obtained from any and all such sites and all related documentation and all copies and installations thereof, whether made under the terms of these terms or otherwise. Your access to Fansinblack.com may be terminated immediately without notice from us if in our sole discretion you fail to comply with any term or provision of these terms.


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