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As the Oakland Raiders faced off against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau field, I was trepidatious at best. Given
the fact the final score was 46-16, it is understandable.

I was not thrilled that we decided to start off on offense. We won the toss. Considering all aspects of the game have been less than perfect, I would have liked to see us start off on defense.

Before I get into the game, just a few comments on the ever present, league pervasive crappy officiating that the NFL encourages and does nothing about.

Mike Mitchell was called for pass interference that gave them first and goal. The Packers would have had 4th and 16 from the 31 which would have left them with a 49 or so yard field goal, INTO the wind. They ended up with a rushing touchdown. How can that kind of call NOT help a team? Down by 24 with the ball is much better than being down 31.

When Aaron Rodgers' fumble was ruled an incomplete pass? I was not surprised. I have to admit I was a little bit
shocked when somehow a post change of possession infraction still counted and gave Green Bay a first and goal. how can a penalty be enforced when it essentially did not happen? I am sure it has something to do with it being a 15 yard penalty, but even our radio announcers were confused by this.

When I saw the holding Green Bay was getting away with offensively I was shrugging my shoulders. Nothing new that
big plays kept being allowed when the offensive line was holding. I just dislike when the booth guys call a
defensive back being held a good block as the running back gets the sideline on a big run play.

Then a 50 yard that should have been over turned that wasn't because of a malfunction on replay equipment???
Mighty convenient timing.

The official sounded almost disappointed that he had to rule the interception for Mike Mitchell in the end zone.

I am not convinced that it was roughing the passer on Quentin Groves. He hit the quarterback withing half a step after the ball was released. What is he supposed to do with the kind of momentum he had? That turned an incomplete 3rd and 5 from the 36, so a 4th and 5, what would have been a roughly 53 yard field goal attempt, into a first and 10 from the 21. Again, a miraculous questionable penalty, but it only lead to a field goal. we were down by so much by that time it was ridiculous anyway, but still, I question the call.

I am very curious what hitting a defenseless receiver is. Seems like Louis Murphy was pretty defenseless when he took a hard hit. More so than than the receiver Aaron Curry hit a couple of weeks back.

Why? I don't know, but all the announcers kept talking about was Aaron Rodgers being able to break a Brett Favre
record. Green Bay wants to forget Favre and move on, and even though Rodgers has brought them that Super Bowl
trophy, Favre is still associated with GB. Rodgers breaking Favre's season record with a few games left, makes him better, right?

But that does not explain what in the heck Carson Palmer was doing throwing into double or more coverage multiple
times. Yeah the ball was dropped quite a few times. My boy Darrius Heyward-Bey had his share, and I am
disappointed in him. he should have pushed through Charles Woodson, better an offensive PI call, than an INT.

It does not explain why on a 3rd and long we stopped pressuring Rodgers.

It does not explain the lack of tackling.

This defense is down right disappointing, It is more than the scheme. Stanford Routt missed a tackle and 12 more
yards were allowed. The dbs as a whole were not giving a push at the line and were allowing receivers to go by them
untouched. They played too far off the line. The defense over pursued, again. They bit on fakes, STILL. They didn't
maintain their gaps. They didn't maintain their lanes.

Richard Seymour, for the second week, did not record a single statistic. At least he didn't get ejected this game.

For the 3rd time, I think we had only 10 men on the field defensively, and this was the 2nd time the opposition

It does not explain the predictable play calling by Hue Jackson. I am thinking maybe he should hand that over to
Al Saunders. It sure as hell can't get worse.

This offense is damn near unstoppable using the no huddle. Why are we not using more??? We are using the same wide
receivers, because so many are hurt. We are utilizing Michael Bush and Marcel Reece a lot, and mixing up plays,
They can stay in the game.

How is it we can block a PAT, but not a 49 yard field goal attempt?

What is up with Carson Palmer? Can he not throw it away? I saw him run a few times today, but he HAS to throw
the ball away instead of trying to force the throw, or take the sack. Forcing throws cost us at least 2 interceptions. Maybe he is fatigued from being a couch potato. I put that on him for not working out regularly while waiting for something to happen. But more than one interception was into coverage he should have considered more before unleashing the ball.

I do not know when this team lost their cohesiveness, but they have. Maybe they never had it.

All I know is I can't keep looking for excuses.

I am not watching any post game press conferences, either. I won't be able to listen to Coach Jackson talk about
how good the Packers are. I can't listen to him talk about how close we are to being good.

A good team does NOT turn the ball over 5 times,

The sad thing is, yards wise, we were not far off from the Packers. We had more first downs than they did. We held on to the ball longer. We just didn't play for an entire quarter and that gave them a 14 zip jump start. 17 zero if you give them the first few minutes of the 2nd quarter.

Five of our 10 penalties were in the first quarter. I am not including the one against Mike Mitchell, which even the guys in the booth said should not have called. I am not real sure about the roughing the passer call on Quentin Groves, for that matter.

We could have actually COMPETED this game if we had played an entire game. If the play calling was not so haphazard . If the team played as a team. If the defense hadn't waited to start playing.

I am so disappointed, it is ridiculous.

With Denver now a full game up on us by virtue of their win, I am thinking even a wild card is a pipe dream.

This season started with so much hope. Last week I talked about a hangman's knot being made. This game, the Raiders slipped it over their own necks.

I am left shaking my head.

It does not mean I am going to quit backing my team. I just wish they had believed in themselves for a little longer.

3 games left in the season, and we need to win them all.

We can. If they play as a team.

As ever,

Win, lose or tie, RAIDERS til I DIE!


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  1. R8dah 1's Avatar
    I watched the TD drive, which I thought was a thing a beauty. They just made it look so effortlessly easy. The question I have is......what was so different on that drive than all the others?
  2. ed norton's Avatar
    We need to win out. nyets have the jints and a suddenly 'better playing' egirls, ben gals have crows and the donko's have *ne, a rejuvenated bufbill. We're hanging by a thread...
  3. RichRaider's Avatar
    We may not need to win out. Let's just win the next game and go from there.
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