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Two Things (Post Texans Game Comments)

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If this team had even an average offensive line and two OLBs who actually knew where they were meant to be from play to play, we could go 10-6 this year. Seriously.

But we don't have those two things. Instead, we have the worst offensive line in the league which is probably going to end Gradkowski's season before November, and we have two DEs playing OLB who are out of position on 75% of the snaps they face to the extent that I don't know why teams just don't run off-tackle on us every single first down. It's no wonder Branch is our leading tackler, he's basically playing as a LB to make up for those two idiots. McClain can't be everywhere at once.

Changes that need made now before this season turns into a total disaster:

1. Start Bruce Campbell at RT. Yes, I'm serious. He CANNOT be worse than Walker. That is totally impossible. We need serious athleticism out there because right now Walker is getting whipped like a bad dog by anyone with a modicum of pace. He actually made Mario Henderson look preferable by comparison today. Seriously, just run round Walker, it's that easy. How many sacks did he give up today? I think it was three. I don't care if Campbell isn't mentally ready, make it simple for him if that's the case: block straight ahead on run plays, block the edge rusher on pass downs, and "just make it a bit easier for the rusher" on screens. Point is, he's as fast and agile an OL as there is in the league, and that's what we need right now. That's your three plays chukker, think you can handle that? Oh, and when Gallery returns, bench Carlisle's ass, he's going 2 yards backwards on every run play. Whether Gallery plays at RG or Loper moves over, I'm not really bothered, just Carlisle needs to go. Loper and Carlisle are both journeymen, but Loper is the better one. Somehow though, Carlisle, in our awful offensive line, has been a starter for 4 years? Only the Raiders. I'm also now questioning whether Satele or Henderson is the bigger problem, but either way Veldheer needs to start somewhere.

2. Bench at least one of Groves/Wimberley. Seriously, they are totally lost out there, their positional sense is so far off it's scary. Was Thomas Howard REALLY that bad? At least he knows where's meant to ****ing STAND before the snap! Christ, give Sam Williams one last go, he used to have 1 good game in 3, which is a bit above Groves and Wimberley's strike rate at the moment. Ricky Brown, Goethel if we can get him healthy, it doesn't matter... just guys who know their assignments.

Oh, one last thing: our PR unit is an absolute joke. Don't blame Higgins, he's scared sh1tless back there because the wingmen aren't doing ANYTHING to keep heat off him. He can only run sideways because he has 4 guys in his face before he even catches it. We could put Deon Sanders back there and he wouldn't average 3 yards per return.

Start Bruce Campbell

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  1. Tugmeister's Avatar
    Thanks. Seriously.
  2. Dave Wilson's Avatar
    We might have lost, but I got engaged at the game to my girfriend who God bless her said yes. We got married last month.
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