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The 5 Year Plan, Now We Know

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now this would be directed at you...but you excuse a behavior because others did it to you???
I didn't say that. I said that I was being "condescending" (which I am not sure I was... but no matter) because he was showing that he preferred to keep things on the simple or easy level. If all someone is going to do is regurgitate a number or say, "Until we win there is nothing to talk about" then the question is, why are they in the "conversation" at all?

Then I pointed out the irony/hypocrisy of saying that I was being condescending while others were calling many members on this board sheep.

So I didn't excuse my behavior because of what someone else did. Personally, I saw/see nothing that needs to be excused.
You can't even admit you said it when you did! You are a liar ..pure and simple! Your word means nothing because you don't stand by them.

At least I stand by simple as they may be!

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