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Not Signing Veldheer.....

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......+ the signing of Khalif Barnes = Commitment to Mediocrity. So far......and I know its early......I don't like what I see....

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  1. Quartermaster's Avatar
    I have no problems with teh Barnes signing. It's a contract that provides insurance that isn't going to break the bank and isn't going to prevent the rebuilding of the offensive line.

    We will soon be unloading larger chunks of cash on free agents. For myself, I see the March 11th date when free agents can actually sign with teams as a motivator to get things done with our own FAs. If that time comes and we do not get our guys re-signed, then the market will set their price.

    If we had a fly on the wall in Reggie's office, we might be able to cheer on or criticize. We don't, so we get to watch from the sidelines. It just is what it is.

    Yes, I expect an upgraded team. I don't care if we dont start signing players until later. As long as we are building for the future.

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