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  1. Glad to hear that all is well in your world my friend. We are doing fine, the bills are paid, everyone is healthy. The only issue other than the Raiders, the f--ked economy is that we keep burying our biker friends and the offenders get a ticket and a slap on the fanny. We are tired of it but such is life man. We fight on. Don't be a stranger and if you ever end up in So. Cal, holla!

  2. Well I recently moved up into the mountains and live on a mountain 20 miles from the crater of Mt. St. Helens. I have just about five and a half acres of beautiful forest that back up to a huge reserve of BLM land. Been riding my MC 35 miles to work and back everyday and am basically loving life. I get to shoot my guns and ride my dirt bikes and quads with my kids in my own backyard now. I am way off the beaten path and over a mile from a paved road. Life is really great these days. My kids are getting a taste of what it was like growing up in the freedom of the 70s and I'm reliving them to the best of my ability. I never knew my midlife crisis would be so much fun. I totally ate **** on my dirtbike the other day and it felt great! Seriously I am getting younger ever day. I should have moved out here decades ago.

    So how are you doing? I hope you and your family are doing great. Yeah of course I remember those days. I just love pissing off liberals. I can't believe the crap about Ben and Barbie. I missed most of it but caught a couple posts that made my hair stand up end. WTF? I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season. I am ready for some football.
  3. What is up with you man??? Long time for sure. Good to see you DaGroaner. The Cesspool is still the DaGroaner pool LOL!!! REMEMBER THEM DAYS? They were killer...
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