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    My comments....

    1. One way or another the Raiders are short about $500 million. If they become one of the LA teams, the value of the franchise should go up by about that much, so I am noit sure that risk isn;t wporth teh reward.

    2. Correct. NFL cares about making money. Period.

    3. Correct again. I see no path where Kroenke can't persuade/buy enough owner votes. He does have the gold.

    4. I see the Carson project as leverage used by the Chargers to get a piece of the LA market. Spanos could give a rat's ass about the Raiders. But Dean Spanos needed Mark Davis to prevent Kronke from boxing hiom out of LA.

    5. Video is impressive, yes. Not to poo poo it, but the view from the field level club would be blocked by players. trainers, media crews, etc. Imaginr psaying $300 to watch the game on TV?

    6. We each have our personal views. Myself, I'm pretty much fed up with the politicians of Oakland. There have no efforts made to com municate what the city will look like if they lose the Raiders and what direct and secondary revenue comes from sports. That coupled with a plan to long term lease (like 100 years @ $1 year) land to developers in exchange for building a stadium that benefits the city's coiffers should be step 1.

    As far as access to the games, I am not ovgerly worried. There's always friends or local sports club where all games are broadcast.

    thats said, I am a proponent of the Raiders building a new stadium in NorCal. But I will roll with the punches and still follow them if they go to St Louis, San Antonio or wherever.

    Thats just my $.02

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