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  1. Knapp has to do a better job with the goal line calls.

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    Because its preseason and u have to give him a chance. IT worked the last time. We tried the PA to the FB and TE and nothin was there
    isn't that what we said the last time??? you can't just call it once...
  2. Boss looks forward to first game -Jerry Mac

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    Can you imagine our defense if Rex Ryan came instead of his brother? That would be NICE.
    it occurred to me the other day, I find it funny that neither son went against his Dad...that one didn't try to get him by going against him...altho my Dad wanted me to play QB, I was to short hence I played a "devil Back" on D and kicker...later when he was coaching I was a DB/ST asst for him...watching games growing up it was always if we line up like this where do you attack??? where ...
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