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  1. Come On Raider Nation, Think It Through

    I know Raiders fans fire first, ask questions later.

    But I can't help but wonder if there is information we are not privy to that we have not considered. Like at the "End of Season Evaluations" provided by the coaches to the Raiders' Player Development team. The ones where they evaluate every player. You know, used as the basis for the plan that is set forth with the coaches at the start of the offseason. Information that becokes the road map for what needs to happen ...

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  2. The Undisclosed Injury

    I first want to say, this is not a complaint. Instead it is a questioning of Dennis Allen's policy regarding injuriy reporting.

    As a Raiders' fan I'm curious to know what injuries have happened to players. Menelik Watson for instance. What minor injury does he have and what is the prognosis?

    It wasn't a problem for the team to disclose the injury to Miles Burris. The ...
  3. Craig Masta P Parker - Charles Woodson Rant


    Here is a Sunday morning rant on Charles Woodson and the possibility of him joining the Oakland Raiders:

    Alright, the Charles Woodson sweepstakes are in full swing, and the line--that CW will not sign with the Raiders--appears to be trending in your favor. I am a strong believer in sticking with one's prediction, though, so I will hold out the possibility (neither faint nor strong) that Oakland will sign WTF Chuck on Tuesday.
  4. Jared Veldheer, Bruce Campbell and the Offensive Line

    With all due respect to McClain, Houston and our other 1st year players... I am very curious about our two drafted rookie linemen.

    I don't know what goes on in the minds of coaches, but with the likes of Sateele and Morris as our centers.... we have a lack of talent. Perhaps coaches Cable, Jackson and Michalczik share that opinion as they have rookie Veldheer quickly coming up to speed at center.

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  5. How much did JRuss influence the DHB pick?

    Longtime Raider observer Ron Macom files the following observation:

    From JollyRoger:
    By the time DHB was picked, the Raiders already pretty much knew what they had on their hands with JRuss. I'm sure they had gotten pretty tired of his attitude. I'm also sure they were looking at the distinct possibility/reality of his eventual release.

    WR was a big need in the 2009 draft. The guy most of us thought the Raiders should have drafted was Michael Crabtree. When we ...
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