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  1. Finding Ways to Lose

    A lot of things cost the Oakland Raiders this game against the NY Giants,
    as they fell 24-20, in the 12th straight loss flying to the right coast.

    I will start off with one thing near and dear to my heart, the lopsided
    and complete crap that was officiating. When one team gets called for
    anything that may be considered holding, and the other had OBVIOUS holds on
    a single run, the outcome could be in favor of the team that had only 1
    flag ...
  2. Pitiful Display of "Professional" Football

    It seems my nervousness at playing against a Nick Foles led Philadelphia Eagles offense was something I shouldn't have tried to ignore considering the ol' fashioned butt whooping the Oakland raiders received at home, going down 49-20. That score could have been worse. The Eagles let up offensively after their last touchdown, nor pushing for Foles to break the NFL record, which he probably could have done.

    Why do I say this? The Raiders defense, despite allegedly preparing ...

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  3. Killer Instinct Missing, But it Was a WIN

    Two or more days before the Oakland Raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18 at the stadium, one former NFL quarterback tweeted something to the effect of how unacceptable it would be for the Steelers, with Mike Tomlin as coach, to lose to the Raiders if their offense was being led by Terrelle Pryor. He didn't address that Ben Roethlisberger hadn't won a game in Oakland. In fact, he has a losing record against the Raiders, including last season when the Raiders went 4-12, the Steelers ...

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  4. The Truth about Raiders Fans

    Back in March of 2011, Justin became a little upset. There is a school wide policy at his former high school to "opt out" of standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. The objection, as usual, was "God" was being spoken. The person choosing to opt out had no personal objection whatsoever, but rather chose to opt out to support a friend. That didn't seem to fit in with the spirit of personal reasons. So that didn't jive for Justin, and I can understand that. Standing ...

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  5. State of the Raiders - Bye Week Part 2

    Defense has been the strongest facet of the team overall. We are ranked 13th in points allowed, and 12th in yards allowed. Room for improvement? Yes, but again, there are extenuating circumstances. We lost our starting strong safety , Tyvon Branch, for an indefinite period of time. With loss of OLB Miles Burris in the pre-season, this now puts the number of guys that weren't in the colors last season that take the field as a starter this season at 10, the only hold over being DE Lamarr Houston. ...
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