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  1. 2014 Draft Picks
  2. Raiders to honor 1983 SB Team Sat and Sunday halftime
  3. 21 for no.21: Raiders photo spread of Nnamdi- 21 pictures
  4. week 17 early injury report...
  5. Congratulations to Marcel Reece for making the Pro Bowl
  6. "Draft Day" movie with Kevin Costner (NRC)
  7. Introduced by Mark Davis, flanked by CDub,WillieB and Lester,Nnams retire video
  8. We all need a laugh
  9. Soooo who will be Reginalds......
  10. Jmo what I would liked to see tomorrow on offense
  11. This Weeks CSNs The Raiders Report (Youtubed)
  12. For those who get DirecTv
  13. Black Monday Primer: Allen gone...according to Banks
  14. In the books
  15. Brain Picking on the Allen Situation
  16. Extra Club Parking Pass for tomorrow
  17. Raiders have had 80 home games blacked out since 1995?
  18. Pretty funny BSPN sign (NSFW sorta)
  19. Based solely on Pro Bowlers...
  20. Bill O'Brien favorite for Texans job.....NRC
  21. I Would Be Upset If Mark Fires Allen
  22. My Pick - David Shaw
  23. Picture speaks for itself
  24. Bridgewater putting on a show
  25. UFC 168 - Any streams?
  26. It's a sad state of affairs when...
  27. Another rumor I could live with
  28. Marcel Reece puts Twitter smack down on Ricky Bobby
  29. If Dennis Allen is back, I hope he learns to have more patience with the
  30. Raiders Clips for 12/29+Nnamdi Tribute+Nnamdi retirement video (Youtubed)
  31. peace keepers...
  32. Schefter says Allen is safe
  33. NFL network is talking about Gruden -Raiders shortly
  34. Sons of Anarchy reminds me of 1970's Oakland Raiders
  35. Last day of Raider Football for 2013
  36. 2014 NFL Cap Space
  37. Listening to the clip which plays when you click on Q's hotlinks about a Starting QB
  38. Amy Trask talks Raiders...
  39. Dennis Allen is likely to be back in Oakland
  40. A Draft
  41. Ugh looks like Chargers will make the playoffs
  42. Can we put McGloin in now?
  43. I don't know if I can watch this
  44. Done with WIZII at Center
  45. Bring back FlyBono!!!
  46. cant get into chat on my phone for some reason.....
  47. To me, this team is un-watchable
  48. Take pryor out now!!'
  49. TP looks totally lost
  50. My 7 year old son told me it is too painful too watch the Raiders...
  51. Worst Secondary in the NFL....
  52. We all suffer from a Disease
  53. Truly an expansion team...
  54. 31-0 at halftime
  55. Looks like the team is trying to give Mark Davis an easy decision....
  56. If da is back a commitmment to excellence is dead!
  57. Greg Papa said halftime show to be on radio
  58. The team isn't trying
  59. Ouch
  60. Had Enuff of TP2 Experiment
  61. OK, here's some target practice for you...
  62. Let's give Jano a shot at 65 yards
  63. my local CBS channel here in Boise
  64. I think I've found our QB for next year...
  65. ST sets the table
  66. Janikowski can go...
  67. The stars have aligned for another sparky choke job...
  68. Just say NO to DA!
  69. Sack the entire fuggen everything...
  70. DA Keeps Job By Default!
  71. The real question what QB we draft at 4?
  72. The halftime adjustments are working
  73. Jammer *****
  74. Was this game embarrassing enough?
  75. Will the curse ever end?
  76. So, IF SD wins in OT...
  77. letting Pryor play...
  78. Now I'm happy...
  79. Enraged!!!
  80. Thank God it's over...
  81. Season is over. Coaches fired or staying? (Poll)
  82. just heard the post game presser...
  83. No. 5 pick in the draft
  84. ANY positives from today?
  85. Key Stat – 11 for 15
  86. Lamarr Houston related tweet from Scott Bair....
  87. Tweet of the game
  88. Pick. Pick. Pick.
  89. No excuse heading into year 3 on QB...
  90. no more excuses
  91. Who are the Top 5 players you would be happy with if we don't trade #5 overall pick?
  92. Tweets regarding Allen...
  93. Continuity?
  94. Haha. One more year
  95. Browns relieve Chudzinski
  96. No More Excuses!!!
  97. Veldheer wants to be a "Raider for life" tweet...
  98. Will "next year" be the first year we get....
  99. Hey WFIB guys n gals.....
  100. What makes me sick...
  101. Yes every other team in our division made it....
  102. Refs f*ck up the Charger-Chief game
  103. Oakland will draft 5th..Who do you want?
  104. Time for Raider organization to sit down with T Pryor and have an honest conversation
  105. Keep the whole staff...
  106. Black Monday / coaching changes
  107. Stand tall Nation!
  108. The RAT is done in DC! (NRC)
  109. "...an embarrassing loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday could change things."
  110. Now the season is over . . .
  111. Who else won their Fantasy Football Championship?
  112. Fix it or 3 and Done
  113. Reactions from Browns firing Chud (NRC)
  114. Goodbye Mr. McFadden!
  115. The QB position shapes the coaching firings
  116. Effort on Sunday
  117. Josh McDaniels on Cleveland Browns' coaching radar? (NRC)
  118. Let the Rebuilding Begin!
  119. Here's a thought... and I know it won't happen...
  120. Scwartz and Schiano are gone
  121. Tough schedule next year...
  122. NFL Draft Prospect Rankings (QB and others)...
  123. Won't be Fixed Next Year Either
  124. Our Opp Records.
  125. Allen talks about his future with Raiders...
  126. Allen season ending presser here.....1pm
  127. Allen doing news conference right now….
  128. I just heard Dennis Allen's Monday presser
  129. Take Heart....
  130. Jay Cutler?
  131. Dennis Allen says......
  132. Practice Squad Players Re-signed
  133. Tweet on Pryor from 95.7 the game...
  134. Raiders Sunday Post Game Live Show, Amy Trask on Raiders and final S&B Show(Youtubed)
  135. True Needs.....How to make the Raiders better
  136. Jon Gruden: I don’t want to be considered for any of these jobs...(FRC)
  137. (NRC) Lovie Smith if/when hired will tap Jeff Tedford as his OC…..
  138. Mark Davis Interview...with Tim Kawakami
  139. Maybe it is Gruden MD wants....
  140. Pat Sims had an outstanding 2nd half of the season
  141. Raiders HC Dennis Allen final 2013 Mon Press. Conf (Youtubed version)
  142. 12 -3 vs 4-11 Did you really...
  143. Here's to consistency......
  144. Offensive and Defensive rankings - 2012 vs. 2013
  145. Who's our QB?
  146. Is it correct that we pick 4th in the second and 3 in the 3rd
  147. NFL Might Take Back Manning's Record (NRC)
  148. The reason DA remains the current head coach...
  149. Raiders.com 2013 Season Recap Video
  150. The Raiders are in the perfect position to draft a QB @ #5
  151. Sun Bowl
  152. I Agree with Allen.
  153. What was your favorite highlight or play from the 2013 season?
  154. Takeo Spikes on Harbaugh.....NRC....unfortunately.....
  155. Happy New Year All...
  156. Lions do background on Tom Cable???? FRC
  157. Anyone Elese to Watch ...
  158. As 2013 comes to a close...
  159. O'Brien to be HC for the Texans (NRC)
  160. Raiderstalk on 957-TP2,BigLinc,RWood,JonRitchie,Streater,Re ece,Gannon,Tafur,Mortenson
  161. WOW that Duke player
  162. Johnny Football...
  163. Happy New Year from AllyOop!
  164. The Black and Silver Way --utube video
  165. Report: Raiders want to extend expiring assistants through 2014
  166. We have only ONE Pro Bowler this year
  167. Mark "Hot Dog" Sanchez
  168. Hundley UCLA
  169. Conner Shaw
  170. Who Plays in The Super-Bowl? + Score Predictions ...
  171. Date Already Set for London Game vs. Dolphins
  172. Jan. 1 Bleacher Mock
  173. IF Darrelle Revis is cut from Tampa Bay this year, Do Raiders have any interest
  174. Buccaneers hire Lovie Smith as HC (nrc)
  175. SB XVIII Reunion at the last game
  176. Sparano question
  177. Boy! Bortles is Looking Pretty Dang Goood!
  178. Barr > Clowney
  179. Team Salary breakdown
  180. The 2015 qb class and the current regime
  181. Sorry The Domain Expired
  182. McGloin
  183. Teddy Bridgewater article....WOW!!!
  184. Bad Draft Scenario
  185. Chiefs 0-5 vs playoff teams....
  186. Doesn't this improve our team quicker ?
  187. Jay cutler signs extension with the Bears
  188. NFL.com Article about why head coaching retreads are not created equally. DA, Hue, TC
  189. Uh OH! RM could get the ............ axe?
  190. Raider Clips for 1/1 (Youtubed)
  191. Trent Edwards back
  192. DA & RM Over-Promised - Jan 2012 PC
  193. I am able to access site on phone but not on desktop,what to do?
  194. Trent Edwards
  195. I'm planning on uploading some Raiders games to Youtube for the offseason, any reques
  196. Watch A.J. McCarron Tonight.
  197. The Case for a 3rd Round QB
  198. 10 degrees 30 mph winds
  199. I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot....Chris Kluwe
  200. JAX, ATL to coach Senior Bowl
  201. Bob Stoops outcoached Saban tonight....
  202. NRC Sean Payton and Drew Breez
  203. lets rep SaucyRaiderette for starting the #DJaxToOakland trending on twitter!
  204. Reese 2nd team all pro
  205. So did McCarron's stock drop?
  206. What about Maurice Jones-Drew?
  207. Texas is opened to Trading the 1st pick in the draft, should we make a move....
  208. NFL to Consider Reseeding Playoffs
  209. Raiders Announce Future Contracts
  210. Johnny Footbal and His Family ...
  211. Tweet about Bortles draft prospects from NCAA advisory board...
  212. Ohio St vs Clemson...
  213. terrible pas by Boyd in REdzone...
  214. A case for Sammy Watkins at 5
  215. Friday Night Football @ Raiders247 RETURNS: "Win & You're In" '93 Wk17 v Broncos
  216. Think Texans Want Manziel?
  217. Marquise Lee officially declares for draft (SRC)
  218. Carlos Hyde
  219. Nap Kaufman v2.0
  220. NRC: Pre-event defense
  221. What team do you want to lose more this week KC or SD ?
  222. Raiders areas of improvement 2012-2013
  223. Can we have a tuck rule equivalent happen to SF ?
  224. Roach
  225. Bill O’Brien clears out Texans staff, to hire Romeo Crennel...(SRC)
  226. Lovie Smith moving quickly to fill Bucs staff...(SRC)
  227. Titans fire Munchak
  228. 2011 first-rounders can finally get paid...
  229. Players declaring early for 2014 draft
  230. KC has nice depth on the Oline , 2 starters are out .
  231. Can't believe Colts are doing this without....wait for it....FRC...
  232. QB people...QB...
  233. KC still hasn't won a playoff game in forever
  234. Alex Smith and Andy Reid are just nice...
  235. One down...two to go...
  236. NRC: Yo, Blitzie!
  237. Luck = fukc ;^)
  238. Long term success in the NFL
  239. Argument Against Using Top 5 Pick on a QB
  240. Question for ACC fans ?
  241. So would DA have made a difference today?
  242. Bottom-line, Need a QB
  243. After a few days to digest the Nnamdi press conferance and......
  244. Love all the QB, Draft, Player and Coaching debate, but.......
  245. Luck = F-U KC lol (2nd try lol)
  246. Watch Kirkpatrick that was our pick (Palmer trade)
  247. Anyone watching the Dolt O-Line HoldFest???
  248. Hundley to stay at UCLA (SRC)
  249. Albert Breer tweet about Cincy's talented roster...
  250. Mike Silver tweet about Reg, DA, and assistants..