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  1. Tailgating in Houston
  2. LeSean McCoy wearing Raiders jacket.
  3. The Terrelle Pryor love fest may be short lived
  4. Raiders using "injuries" to help jusitfy changes
  5. Inactives
  6. Alright Q: Let 'em Out!!!!
  7. Pat McGroin !!!! Hell yes!!
  8. Wow , keep dropping the ball guys
  9. OLine doing it's job in pass pro...
  10. Refs ignoring holding
  11. We've seen this movie before...
  12. NRC: I hate Shannon Sharpe
  13. McGloin first half review
  14. What we saw, what we'll see
  15. Jones getting held on EVERY punt
  16. This team NEEDS Playmakers next year - Top Draft Priority
  17. Raider Receivers: One and Done
  18. Horrible NFL Referee Crew
  19. we may all owe Aceraider an apology
  20. O-line can't protect? Receivers can't get open?
  21. King out punting Lechler today
  22. DMC who?
  23. DMAC who?
  24. QB Controversy
  25. Are Texans nuts?
  26. 2007 NFL Draft (SRC)
  27. Wasn't the conditional Palmer pick this year based on him playing 10 games?
  28. Ross!
  29. Bullsh*t call
  30. Bad Challenge....
  31. Clear case of intentional grounding, then HUGE hold.
  32. Can DA coach this team to a win?
  33. Clear DPI, no flag, not shocked at this point.
  34. Raider Defense
  35. More Injured O-Linemen
  36. Good grief, how about a flag
  37. That SHOULD HAVE BEEN ROUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Why Are We Throwing The Ball.......
  39. Special teams the difference
  40. 4th And Goal!!
  41. Defense!!!!
  42. Game Over!!
  43. Did not think we were going to win
  44. Mcgloin HAS to stick....
  45. Breath of fresh air
  46. Great game..great stop by the Defense
  47. Raiders play hard and win away -I FEEL PRETTY DAM GOOD
  48. Don't flush this season down
  49. Defense won this game today
  50. Why do the Chargers get a 1 PM road start?!
  51. Officials give Texans time
  52. play of the game?
  53. Interesting Finish...
  54. This just in....
  55. I was wait in' for the finger...
  56. Refs totally screwing New Orleans , gifts to the sissy's
  57. Can Raiders achieve another 1st; win two in a row?
  58. McGloin reminds me of....
  59. Greg Papa hinted that Bo Jackson would be lighting the Al Davis Flame next game?
  60. McGloin Presser
  61. SD loses...
  62. Remaining schedule in 2013
  63. Terms of service
  64. I just heard from a recent PSU graduate the Mcgloins nickname was Matt Moxie
  65. #8 in Playoff Standings as of now. Not too shabby for pre-season
  66. Two stud veterans on this team!
  67. Road loss streak broken, outof time zone streak broken , rookie qb undrafted..?
  68. Pretty good day...
  69. We are tied with Denver
  70. Comment about Manning....NRC
  71. Jano's play this season is concerning .
  72. What I truly learned today
  73. How long does the Rat have left?????FRC....
  74. Acehole needs to go again.
  75. Dennis Allen's calm demeanor
  76. Chiefs are who we thought they were.....
  77. Don't we all want to win?
  78. TD's versus FG's.....
  79. Hey Q... WTF wrt Ace-Hole...
  80. LOL caption this one...
  81. Want to Remove AceRaider?
  82. When is Veldheer due back????
  83. Greg Olson - 1st half vs. 2nd half
  84. Yea Baby!
  85. Sio Moore
  86. CSNs Post Game Live Show-Raiders v Texans (Youtubed)
  87. At The 10 Game Mark: My Pre-Season Predictions and My Assessment
  88. Any word as to whether Woodson was hurt or injured during final series?
  89. Anybody hear about injuries?
  90. Effort to Keep Fans In Black Alive Going Forward
  91. Something Regarding the D
  92. PFF Reaction Blog Week 11
  93. Was it really apples to apples when comparing QB's?
  94. What will the Oline look like in two weeks?
  95. Gotta go with the hot hand...
  96. Upcoming Visit
  97. McGloin Update..he has something to say!
  98. The Incredible Mr. Charles Woodson
  99. The future of the Raiders is here!
  100. Club Parking Pass for Sunday
  101. After Further Review - Texans
  102. Quote Sheet from Houston
  103. Any chance Manning sits for our game
  104. Andre Johnson... anyone... anyone...?
  105. Expect lots of no-huddle from here on out.
  106. NRC - Anyone Getting Personal Messages From AceRaider...
  107. McGloin VS Pryor
  108. I found this amusing... SRC
  109. PFF Re-Focused Week 11
  110. The Titans
  111. Hey Q...
  112. Thomas Howard dies in auto accident 11/18
  113. Dennis Allen comments on McGloin/Pryor
  114. Broncos FS Rahim Moore has compartment syndrome (SRC)
  115. question about audibles
  116. Proof that life isn't always fair
  117. McG v HOU
  118. We Did It!!!!
  119. Why did we cut David Bass?
  120. Terms Of Service - Now Viewable To All
  121. What did Streater say/do to draw the Unsportsmanlike flag?
  122. Not to call it out and I mean no disrespect
  123. Dennis Allen mon presser...
  124. McGloin's family and friends watch victory (video)
  125. ? what was the deal with Watson and Pashos rotating in at RT
  126. Liking Crawford Lately
  127. Week 11 Game Recap
  128. NRC - Aquib Talib Doing Jack Swagger's *PATRIOT Lock on Steve Smith
  129. Massive Appologies to SSSstabler
  130. Tenn game
  131. Do we now have to cut tyler wilson again
  132. Wow, Cam looks eerily similar to Pryor...
  133. Tom Brady is a piece of shit
  134. Face value , 45 yard line for Tenn game
  135. Losing that way....
  136. According To Scott Bair: Raiders Have Already Beaten The Titans!
  137. Thoughts on benching a young QB- over the cap.com
  138. Brady: A blown call led to your your CAREER!
  139. Want to ask this to all you "graybeards"
  140. Ray Lewis' Rant Mentions Tuck Rule
  141. DA Monday Presser
  142. stat tweet about MAC 14
  143. Imagine if you could combine McGloin and TP2s strengths
  144. Vote for Rashad Jennings for FedEx Ground Player of the Week
  145. We WON!!
  146. Burris decision tomorrow....
  147. The Black and Silver Way....Raiders vs Texans WK. 11 2013 Recap
  148. Power Rankings...week 12 and Vegas odds....
  149. Never punt? (NRC)
  150. The Chiefs? Who are they?
  151. Fit for A King. Raiders next Great Punter...
  152. If Pryor is healthy... what is DA's call on who starts?
  153. Broncos sign Huff (FRC)
  154. Another positive from the game. Jacoby and Taiwan
  155. Rub routes, Pick plays
  156. question on fumble recovery
  157. Rivera and McGee are good finds in the 6th round
  158. Thought of Rob Shipe when I saw this (NRC)...
  159. Bo Jackson to light the flame...
  160. Raiders waive Martez Wilson: Miles Burris likely to be activated
  161. Were there injury updates?
  162. Game ball goes to QB @McGloinQB11!
  163. McGloin wins top rookie of the week....
  164. I've seen this movie before...
  165. From seeing the game live and now on tape........
  166. Raiders Clips for 11/20 (Youtubed)
  167. Another McGloin article.....
  168. PFF OL Rankings (2Q)
  169. It's a great day in NFL broadcasting
  170. Galley Sunday?
  171. Mark Davis tabbed McGloin to Make Team
  172. Player Bandwagons
  173. DJ Hayden on season ending IR, Burris activated
  174. LaSean McCoy rocks a Raider jacket at the Eagles/Redskins game..
  175. Wednesday Practice
  176. Nothing against Hayden, but...
  177. It's official. McGloin Starting Against Tennessee
  178. Mychal Riviera on NFLN
  179. Press Conference notes
  180. Black hole tix and club seats for Sunday vs Titans
  181. Return of the Burrilator
  182. You have GOT to love this tweet...
  183. DJ Tweets
  184. VIDEO: Raiders QBs Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin talk – 11/20/2013
  185. Where the hell was Rivera???
  186. CWood on NFLN-There will be No split Locker room
  187. when mcgloin starts this sunday he'll be up against...
  188. Matt McGloin’s video resume to NFL teams..
  189. "Contact against a player obviously out of the play."
  190. HoF Voters are idiots.
  191. The Galley Welcomes You 11-24
  192. MORE Raider Clips for 11/20 (Youtubed)
  193. NRC, Condolences to WFIB member
  194. NRC - The Coach who never punts
  195. 30 for 30 - You don't know Bo
  196. I know all white guys look alike but...
  197. Former WFIB Members
  198. DA Presser Wed-11/20
  199. What is your expectation of McGloin against the Titans?
  200. Just read some inside info RE: the New Coliseum
  201. Game sell out?
  202. Raiders Clips for 11/21 (Youtubed)
  203. Penalty Prediction Thread
  204. The day of reckoning is almost here for me!! (SRC)
  205. interesting Tarver presser, as usual
  206. Kevin Burnett interview.
  207. Sean Payton such a stud HC...
  208. Wiz II on MAC 14....
  209. Titans Raiders evenly matched
  210. We can do better than this people....NRC
  211. Washington did it at 3-6..why not us? (Part 2)
  212. Titans at Raiders..... Kamerion Wimbley
  213. From the Raiders Report 2008- Raiders "Playmaker" LB Thomas Howard spotlight
  214. Raiders vs Titans Trailer
  215. NFL Playoff Race: Oakland Raiders Best Case
  216. PFF 3TFO-Ten @ Oak
  217. IMO... McGloin shouldn't be short-changed because of the short field position.
  218. that "BIG GAME" feeling
  219. Tom Flores on JFK
  220. PFF- Special Teams Rankings
  221. What's your TOP THREE priorities for a Titan game victory?
  222. So what IS our starting O-line?
  223. McGloin Wins Rookie of the Week
  224. Gannon and McGloin meeting
  225. Bo Jackson talks Raiders and Al Davis.
  226. Today on Raiders 247-Raiders v Titans 2002 AFC Championship Game
  227. #Raiders move to activate rookie WR Greg Jenkins from practice squad.
  228. Raiders and A's lease extension up for vote.
  229. Wilson still active....per McDonald tweet...
  230. Whelp, wasn't my time,but I feel awesome still!
  231. Wildcats
  232. Patt MyGroin????
  233. Criner to injured reserve........
  234. Is Matt McGloin the Right Quarterback to Lead the Raiders to the Playoffs?
  235. Stacy McGee starting at DT:
  236. Not impressed at all with Manziel (NRC)
  237. Carlos Hyde, Ohio State
  238. REMEMBER (we next play) THE TITANS....
  239. Why do you love the Raiders?
  240. What If We Just Backhand the Titans
  241. Black crowes and Pearl Jam on back to back nights NRC
  242. This Weeks CSNs The Raiders Report (Youtubed)
  243. With Hunter out....
  244. Loooing forward to today's game
  245. Pryor was making the offensive line look worse than it was
  246. Sports bar with Raider game in inland empire region?
  247. GO RAIDERS kick some arse
  248. Oh oh look who is leading the Packers back NRC
  249. Who are the inactives ?
  250. Can we trade Nix during the game?