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  2. After further review.... Eh.
  3. Raiders v Eagles Postgame Live Show (Youtubed)
  4. Intestinal Fortitude
  5. Even with this UGLY loss, Raiders still remain 1 game(loss column) for Final WC spot
  6. What was the defensive gameplan?
  7. Pick of the litter
  8. A Look at the Routes and Coverage of the 7 TDs
  9. If Raiders Continue to 6-10... Does Dennis Allen Stay?
  10. Richie Incognito text messages (NRC)
  11. Oh, boy... any positives?
  12. PFF Reaction Blog- Week 9
  13. As the WFIB turns.....
  14. The importance of Roach and company
  15. Foles played as good a game as any quarterback this year..
  16. NRC - A's Staying Put, For Now
  17. The Bad-Ass Punter
  18. Want Nnamdi back?
  19. Bilukidi was an illegal immigrant
  20. Bills cut Flynn:
  21. Absoultely pitiful
  22. (NRC) Pretty Important question re:CA laws for my FIB brethren
  23. Fly's boy is playing well
  24. This Is How We Need To Arrive In NY For The Game On Sunday.......
  25. Mcfadden
  26. 24 hour rule..
  27. The Black and Silver Way....Utube video
  28. Ninja Goro any review of Menelik Watson play on Sunday
  29. Injuries
  30. Rich Gannon recalls ugly hazing incident with Raiders
  31. Sorry Raiderfam...
  32. 7 pt dogs...and power rankings...
  33. Who is going to the Giants game?
  34. PFF Article on Dual Threat QBs
  35. PFF-Unblocked Pressure
  36. Dolphins Martin did the right thing...
  37. Which player group is most important?
  38. Introduction
  39. What is the weakest unit on our Offense?
  40. What is the weakest unit on our Defense?
  41. What is the weakest unit on our coaching staff?
  42. OK, Based on the early poll results
  43. Gannon Tweet.....
  44. Wk 9 Recap
  45. Incognito may have been asked to "toughen up" Martin
  46. "Bullygate" How deep will it go?
  47. NFl ejecting fans that don't say nice things about other teams
  48. Come Sunday
  49. After listening to Rich Gannon's interview yesterday.......
  50. NRC: The Opposite of Hazing.
  51. Well There Went 4-4
  52. As veterans day approaches
  53. (NRC) As veterans day approaches
  54. Practice Injury Update
  55. Pryor and offense working on short passing game today
  56. Dennis Allen
  57. Interesting Run D Numbers on Raiders.com
  58. Tom Coughlin on the Raiders v Eagles game.
  59. Teammates: incognito is black, Martin is soft (NRC)
  60. Raider Nation vs the world
  61. We have ZERO signature road wins....
  62. It takes a nasty man....to do nasty things...
  63. NRC - Ace Parker NFL HOFs Oldest Member, Dies at 101
  64. Off to the Apple after Sucking in the Bay
  65. Any news on Briesel
  66. Playoffs still with in reach!
  67. Video for those defending Incognito (NRC)
  68. Why is Jeremy Stewart on this team again. Raiders can't find a better back than
  69. Raider Rule #1
  70. Practice Updates-11/7
  71. Win or lose, Sunday will set tone for rest of season...
  72. Giants put David Wilson, Shaun Rogers on IR...
  73. For all our Vets /Active Service Posters- NRC - Free meals on Veteran's Day - Link!
  74. Should we take something out of this
  75. TP on Jonathan Martin
  76. Whats going on with Miles Burris?
  77. What is Your Favorite Raiders Collectible Item?
  78. The hits keep on coming Incognito (NRC)
  79. If Allen doesn't cut it...
  80. Tarver's D v Philly's WR Screen (4 plays)
  81. Raider hotel
  82. ESPN "experts" unanimously pick the Giants
  83. Injury Update 11/8
  84. Hello RaiderNation!!!
  85. This Weeks CSNs The Raiders Report + Raiders Clips 11/7 (Youtubed)
  86. Guide to WFIB
  87. Article: WFIB Terms Of Service
  88. DeSean Jackson Fined for Sunday
  89. Dmac and Hayden out
  90. WFIB - The Beginning (Part I)
  91. This Sunday game against Giants, is the biggest game for Dennis Allen
  92. Today on Raiders 247- v Giants 2001, The Rebels of Oakland , and Full Color Football
  93. Sio Makes PFF all division team
  94. Joe Bussell former NFL guy on Terrelle Pryor the last couple of weeks
  95. tattoo ideas
  96. better match up?
  97. Raiders Clips for 11/9 UPDATED (Youtubed)
  98. Giant Killers Or Shipe is right
  99. 2014 Oline prospects --two of these dudes could be Raiders next year
  100. Two Bad Things Cause One Horrible Thing
  101. PRYOR IS a BALL HOG!!!
  102. Battle of offenses ineptitude
  103. Illegal offensive formation
  104. Pryor blows another TD oppertunity
  105. "Terrell run backwards 10 yrds every play Pryor"
  106. Bench his arse already..he is a joke!!
  107. starting to worry about Pryor...
  109. Pryor will be fine
  110. somebody here stinks...
  111. The D is giving us a chance
  112. BS fans like "A$$ Raider" need to go
  113. 1st goal on the one , fu$king pound the ball
  114. Can we please cut Barnes?
  115. How many drives has K. Barnes killed throughout the years?
  116. The Rams!? (NRC)
  117. Run the damn ball Greg!!!
  118. A beautiful idea
  119. McGloin time
  120. Olson just sealed his fate...
  121. How many holds does it take to get Brown a 15 yard run?
  122. our O-line is absolutely horrid!
  123. here you go pryor...
  124. It would be a tied game right now
  125. mid november can mean only one thing...
  126. Dennis Allen loses YET ANOTHER game to a team with a losing record
  127. NFL Caliber QB the Difference
  128. Next Years Priorities
  129. If we End Up 3-13, Do You Clean House Again?
  130. Allen is on the hook for the QB decision...
  131. D had another good day, O needs work - alot of work
  132. Roethlisberger anyone?
  133. Its worse than we thought
  134. Coach really emphasizing the passing game problems
  135. Bungals!!! (nrc)
  136. Dennis Allen = Lane Kiffin
  137. How many preseason games left??
  138. Who should be head coach in 2014?
  139. Dennis Allen our fearless leader....
  140. He can walk on water and gets a lot of love......but
  141. Pryor talk...
  142. Melvins boys tweet....
  143. Jennings
  144. Play calling? Offense? Defense? Still finding ways to LOSE
  145. Mediocre
  146. Perception
  147. Don't look now Pryor haters....
  148. Ya think we coulda used a fake punt today?
  149. Worried about Pryor? go watch panthers v whiners
  150. Hey Palmer haters.....FRC....
  151. Just back from the game....
  152. The worst part of losing
  153. Concerned about the Receivers combined with the play calling....
  154. Watching that game, it's real easy to see Pryor isn't ready...
  155. Big Ben wants out of Pittsburgh...
  156. Gruden
  158. What I don't understand
  159. Winning matters....
  160. CSNs Post Game Live Show-Raiders v Giants (Youtubed)
  161. Pryor and Coaches
  162. So no talk of Pryor's knee?
  163. My Thoughts on Yesterday
  164. Good news regarding the Titans game in two weeks...
  165. Hulk back on Sunday?
  166. every opportunity
  167. Does anyone have these stats?
  168. My Theory: It's all because of Mark Davis
  169. IMO Pryor's not QB of the future
  170. 2014 Raiders - Forecast
  171. MCL strain
  172. Happy Veterans Day. Post here please if you're a vet!
  173. DA will be our coach next year..Here’s why....
  174. Forum Question: How Often Do You Login Here?
  175. PFF Re-Focused
  176. 8 for 65 vs 1 for 5...
  177. DA on Pryor...
  178. Not that we want him, but would Incognito be a starter on this team
  179. How did Watson play ?
  180. Let the posts begin!!!....Davis will bring back Chuckie next year
  181. Any Links to the Sims hit on
  182. Give Pryor the Week off to rest the knee and clear his mind.
  183. Very proud of the Defense!
  184. The Bucs know what to do on the 1-yard line
  185. Just re-watched the game...focusing on offense...
  186. McGloin?
  187. TV Question
  188. Where's the Raider Nation parties in Houston this weekend?
  189. Interesting article on Pryor
  190. NRC...Comcast *****!
  191. (NRC) - Dwayne Bowe Arrested
  192. Ed Reed waived by Texans (NRC)
  193. How many drops did DMo have Sunday?
  194. Again, the defense played well enough to win
  195. Roethlisberger PFT article.....NRC
  196. my conversation with rich gannon
  197. Wow, surprised again after watching the replay
  198. PLAYER fan or RAIDER fan?
  199. Anyone Notice AceRaider Hasn't Graced us?
  200. NRC - Oakalnd Youth Football This Saturday -
  201. Is Pryor the next Rich Gannon? (long)
  202. My wk 10 game recap now in hot links!
  203. Dennis Allen's Road Record...
  204. Pryor's knee worse than Raiders suspected?
  205. Why Pryor should sit...
  206. How can I acquire Club Passes for a home game?
  207. Raiders Clips for 11/12
  208. Todd Christensen Dead at 57
  209. Pryor Not Practicing-Updates
  210. Veldheer back practicing
  211. SRC- NFL Logos reimaged as soccer badges
  212. Something i will always remember, including Marcus's 74 run
  213. Sign the petition to get Todd Christiansen in the hall of fame.
  214. Answering my own question
  215. This may have been posted, but thought it was worth sharing.
  216. Washington did at at 3-6.............Why not us!
  217. WANTED: Offense to Seal a Victory
  218. how do we stack up against the Texans?
  219. Tonite@Raiders247- Raiders v Houston Oilers '67 ,80-Toddzilla's 1st NFL rec. TD & '89
  220. Miles Burris???
  221. Team Hotel in Houston
  222. Not big fan of Ellen but a big fan of this clip... (NRC)
  223. NRC: Illegal to Throw a Football at Qualcomm Tailgate
  224. News from practice... all good news
  225. Hindsight tidbits
  226. Coaches Word on Using Marcel Reece
  227. Cleveland Browns - Two FA QBs in 2014?
  228. Look at Possible "QBs of the Future"
  229. Todd Christiansens obituary..
  230. AceRaider sighting
  231. Silver and Black Genie
  232. Stupid Not to Draft a QB Within 3 Rds
  233. Drafting a QB round one... Poll
  234. McGloin likely to start?
  235. Texans currently have longest losing streak in NFL
  236. NRC Make a Wish and San Francisco Make BAT KID a reality.
  237. If McGloin can do this Sunday, we'll be alright
  238. Ace may have been spot on about Pryor
  239. Raider Clips for 11/15
  240. Mac 14....
  241. 2014 Draft Dates Moved Back 2 Weeks
  242. No excuses in the 2014 draft
  243. On Raiders247 v.Texans '08, JaMarcus shines, DMC explodes & Johnnie Lee celebrates
  244. Pryor out vs Houston...
  245. Pryor retractors....
  246. 45th aniversary of the Hiedi game tommorrow..
  247. Usc!!!
  248. This Weeks CSNs The Raiders Report & Raider Clips 11/16 (Youtubed)
  249. If you don't have an option to listen to the957 game broadcast , You're missing out.
  250. Sam's Boat House was Awesome last night!