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  1. Reece takes Gannon's Raiders rant 'personally'
  2. PFT with cell video of fight in bathroom Niners game....NRC...
  3. PFT Holmgren visit to Raiders article...
  4. One or More NFL Teams Moving to LA
  5. Is it quiet in Alameda or is it just my impatience?
  6. Tweets from todays practice 10/6/14
  7. Roach still not at practice... not looking good (nm)
  8. Sparano news conf. 1:10pm
  9. Raiders claim WR Thompkins off waivers
  10. Sparano's First Order of Business...
  11. Flying in for game
  12. Vic Tafur tweet about practice today...
  13. Ok so some media are taking shots at Sparano...
  14. Raiders Clips for 10/7
  15. What a "Insanely Early" 2015 Mock Draft Looks Like
  16. HC Sparano PC 10/7 (Youtubed)
  18. Kudos to Mark, Reggie, and Coach Sparano!
  19. Lb core hurt bad just think..
  20. I like what Sparano is doing...
  21. Ray-Ray Armstrong?
  22. Chargers waive LB Kevin Reddick...
  23. Gannon to Broadcast Raiders vs Charges ..
  24. When I hear Sparano speak...
  25. I'm ready to see.......
  26. Packers' WR Logjam and It's Possible Implications
  27. Running the Ball SD vs. Oak
  28. Today 3 years ago we lost Al Davis....
  29. Just saw this blasphemous tweet by Vic Tafur....
  30. Pats' fan's view of Thompkins
  31. LBers in for workouts
  32. Tim Brown to light the torch Sunday....
  33. Raiders claim a lb
  34. Roach to IR
  35. Practice Tweets
  36. Nick Roach (concussion) to IR... ending his season.
  37. Coming up shortly, Raiders press conference LIVE: http://www.raiders.com
  38. My Coworker Philmo said you all can f off!
  39. I love stories like this (NRC)
  40. NRC Eagles to wear all black uniforms v Giants for Sunday Night Football
  41. how many wins for Sporano to keep his job?
  42. Cyberpicks - IND at HOU ... Get Er Done
  43. Too Much Pressure on Carr
  44. Another Worry
  45. Practice Tweets 10/9/14
  46. Amari Cooper --getting sold on him in 2015
  47. Adrian Peterson....not the sharpest tool...
  48. Presser soon
  49. Big name coach?
  50. Raiders Clips for 10/9
  51. NRC: Georgia's RB Todd Gurley - Suspended Indefinitely
  52. Injury Report Update
  53. Why are we tracking days since the bye week?
  54. Here's one of the many reasons I fell in love with Al Davis and his Raiders
  55. NFL - Money is King
  56. Chargers Object to Rams or Raiders in LA
  57. Bring it on Q!
  58. The Raiders are on the field for their final practice in preparation for the Chargers
  59. Sparano Presser at 12:50
  60. I just finished the Miami tape........
  61. Raiders vs. Chargers- Sitting with Me? Priceless?
  62. Thank you Al Davis! RIP
  63. Raiders Clips for 10/10
  64. Gotta get this run game going and here's how.......
  65. I don't know if we'll beat the Chargers but...
  66. NRC: Anyone Else Play Racquetball Regularly?
  67. Rex Ryan would be the perfect coach for the Raiders next year
  68. Interesting stat for you gamblers out there
  69. Would You Pay CB Ladarius Webb in 2015?
  70. San Antonio still in play
  71. Derek Carr will start on Sunday vs. Chargers...
  72. I've failed as a Raider fan !!!
  73. WFIB Tailgate at Oakland Coliseum - Chargers
  74. Well this maks us look really good
  75. Jets-Donkeys, wow
  76. NRC Geno Smith
  77. Watching Walt Coleman
  78. Touchdown raiders!!!!!!
  79. Marcel killed that drive
  80. Mack?
  81. Tarver = Bresnahan ?
  82. Our Running Game: 3 yards and a Puff of Smog.
  83. Carr
  84. The Frozen Rope!!
  85. WOW...Amazed
  86. Did we just answer the other teams TD drive with one of our own?
  87. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!!!!!! x2
  88. It's the Big One --- Elizabeth, I'm coming to see you
  89. Rich Gannon
  90. Great 1st half by the O-line
  91. Where did this run game come from!!!
  92. Any more questions about why DA had to go?
  93. Drops and penalties...
  94. Dammit Holmes!!
  95. Oakland has got to stop being Oakland
  96. Nice job Jano
  97. End of half - still a joke team
  98. Stay tuned, going to have a wild finish
  99. Ok, with the exception of the drops we are playing pretty well, but.......
  100. What is Jonathon Dowling doing wrong?
  101. Even if we lose....
  102. based on what i've seen
  103. Tarver is the next to go
  104. D needs to stop...
  105. 3rd and 11, 3rd and 9 ---- we give up 20+ like it's nothing
  106. Still no pressure
  107. Wow, finally calling Chargers...
  108. Rivers starting to show...
  109. Missed FG Could Probably Loom Large For Us.....
  110. If the arrogance of that fake punt doesn't inspire drawing some blood.....
  111. Carr with Olsen on the sideline
  112. Who would guess they throw to Gates on the goal line
  113. Sparano knows how to be a running team
  114. We can't ask for a whole lot more today ...
  115. I can see it from all the way down here in San Diego....
  116. Folks, I think we have a Quarterback !!!
  117. Win, Lose or Tie
  118. One more stop
  119. I must say...
  120. Didn't someone say that missed FG at end of the half would come back to bite us???
  121. Carrie's playing like a man possessed!
  122. Hold on that punt...
  123. Burris is sooooo lost out there
  124. 4th Quarter two minutes to go...
  125. just don't get blown out baby....
  126. Nice try....
  127. !@#%~@%~@%A
  128. Raiders play just good enough to lose
  129. First of all....
  130. Why do we line up as a DE MACK?
  131. Final nail in the coffin of tonight's events
  132. Time To Dig Another Hole On The Practice Field.....
  133. In Results I trust, on to the next game
  134. That's it, I've Had Enough
  135. Is there anybody available, VIA, trade?
  136. Well played
  137. Love Derek Carr
  138. Next up...Az $hit-talking ex-Raiders.
  139. Going to Be Like a Homecoming of Sorts Next Week
  140. Carr was terrific, defense was horrible...
  141. Season all about Derek Carr developing into an Legitimate NFL starting Qb.
  142. Is There Any Better Defense in the NFL In Giving Away Momentum
  143. Pay The Man?
  144. The last play was a big mistake
  145. If!!
  146. Dmac sighting
  147. Carr is a keeper
  148. There are no moral victories in football
  149. Pass rush??
  150. Gotta give Goffer credit!
  151. After reading all the posts, my quick thoughts
  152. I would be tempted to spend my entire draft...
  153. Wow...
  154. After today's punch in the marbles, I needed a reason to laugh --- read this ....
  155. Who do you think took the leash off of Carr today ?
  156. Groundhog Day
  157. So Watson had a good game?
  158. Perfect throw
  159. Brice Butler....
  160. It was NEVER about a lack of TALENT!
  161. Csn live post game show
  162. IRONICALLY, Hayden may finally have his opportunity...
  163. I'm waiting for the inane post . . .
  164. Reece
  165. Would You Want Sparano as HC Next Year?
  166. We are who most of us thought we were....
  167. PFF ReFo - SD vs OAK
  168. One large problem
  169. One year ago........
  170. Monday Press Conference
  171. Couple of questions
  172. South Florida Raiders Boosters Club
  173. Raiders Monday Presser on YouTube
  174. They said it no moral victory
  175. Raiders Clips for 10/13
  176. Go get Mike Williams and save a draft pick
  177. Rolando McClain
  178. Mack PFF's TOP run stopping LB in the LEAGUE.
  179. Rodger Saffold was a BEAST tonight
  180. Miles Burris... May Be Getting... Better
  181. Does anyone think we could get anything...
  182. My take on Sparano and Arizona....
  183. Pump Fake - Play Action and the Go Routes - Carr is Growing
  184. Chargers Game - Penalties and Holding
  185. 3.5 dogs to AZ...
  186. Cool stat on Carr
  187. Hey Q---
  188. Week 6 power rankings...
  189. Important Coliseum City Meeting Next Toozday, the 21st at 5PM
  190. Streater just lost his mom RIP
  191. Sparano????
  192. Positive post for the day: Raiders in better shape than many teams
  193. 10 Reasons Reggie Rules
  194. (SRC) Dodgers 'reassign' GM, hire a much better GM
  195. get your kids ready and enter the Halloween Costume Contest this Sunday!
  196. Attention Mark Davis!!
  197. (FRC) Bengals work out Pryor as a receiver
  198. Past 2 days here in San Diego
  199. veldheer struggling?
  200. The top pick in the draft is what's best for the team at this point .
  201. Bleacher Report Analysis of Derek Carr against Chargers...
  202. Wow! Lots of Reggie threads as of late....
  203. Tony/reggie i belive will be a winning combo!!
  204. Reggie doubters vs Reggie 'sniffers...
  205. Andre Holmes and James Jones = Worth Keeping
  206. Eager to see what Hayden's got.
  207. Last Time the Raiders faced a former QB
  208. Tweets from practice 10/15/2014
  209. 2015 NFL Free Agent Class--Best Ever?
  210. Post Practice Presser
  211. Scott Bair chat from yesterday...
  212. Mayock's tape on Derek Carr
  213. Lost a member of the NATION : OaktownPirate RIP
  214. IF IN FACT Mark Davis was the reason behind the Carr pick..
  215. Raiders Clips for 10/15 &16
  216. question about Houston vs. Mack
  217. Finally just finished the San Diego tape......
  218. Where has Gordo been?
  219. A What if question....
  220. Mr. Donkey himself Tom Jackson picked us to beat Arizona this week...
  221. Pro Bowl
  222. Practice Tweets 10/16
  223. Olawale....
  224. Sparano, Tarver, and Olsen in less than an hour : Press Conf.
  225. Another sold out game this weekend !!
  226. Raiders' Defensive Ends
  227. Carson Palmer complimentary of Raiders Tenure (FRC)
  228. Just a Reminder of what Mark Davis thought '14 pre free agency and draft. Enjoy
  229. On 957 Raiders Roundtable, Humm & Atkinson plus Gannon on Carr
  230. Benson Mayowa?
  231. Need some clarification on DJ Hayden....
  232. Raiders Clips for 10/17
  233. A big reason why.........
  234. Two Moves I like to See Raiders try to make to strengthen the Dline for next year.
  235. How the Raiders Might Compete for Top Tier FAs
  236. The Galley Welcomes you to the Cards at Raiders Tailgate!
  237. Shaub and Carr
  238. Percy Harvin to the Jets
  239. Raiders Grant Wish
  240. Time Out to admire a thing of beauty!
  241. Five Raiders Who Could Be Traded
  242. Im shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here! (NRC)
  243. Raiders Clips for 10/18
  244. Sparano advising Kenbrell Thompkins will play tomorrow
  245. NFL Trade Rumors 2014: 5 Players Who Could Get Dealt Before The Deadline...
  246. Derek Carr needs a #1 receiver thread
  247. Brandon Scherff
  248. Silver & Black Show
  249. Greatest kick off return of the year (NRC)
  250. I'm setting myself up for a kick in the sack tomorrow.