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  1. Said it before and will say it again...
  2. If I'm Mark, Here's What I Do.
  3. As I said at the end of last season...
  4. Marcus Mariota anyone?
  5. How does one coach a 10 year vet into doing his job?
  6. No longer do I fly the colors out of blind loyalty.
  7. Blow it up!
  8. What in the f#*k was dennis Allen thinking...
  9. So, DMo didn't play today
  10. For those who wanted continuity.
  11. Raider30?????
  12. It has finally happened!
  13. Not sure if true checking sources.
  14. Reputation Points to be RESET
  15. Agree on the Firing, the Real Question is on the Hiring
  16. Allen done...
  17. If Allen fired OLSON favorite as interm coach?????
  18. Check out this party Tarrell Brown n Carlos Rogers are throwing tonight...
  19. where was this Rolando McClain?
  20. Oh and PUHLEEEEEEZE MD.....FRC...
  21. Scott Bair reporting from the field post game...
  22. We started 3-4 Allen's first two years...
  23. This is impossible.....
  24. Prime time D Sanders said
  25. Dennis Allen - 3rd WORST coach in modern era
  26. Time to go with youth ,and for the old guys to sit( beside Woodson)
  27. Need Help Working on a Fantasy Football Project
  28. Bye week
  29. This was written by an English Raiders fan. See comment in red.
  30. Tradition and our legacy
  31. A lot of you will soon get your wish...
  32. if Allen survives...
  33. Once again, there are 31 teams in the NFL
  34. Worst Raider coaches - where does Allen rank?
  35. Everyone calling for the head of Allen...
  36. Desperate times call for desperate measures.....
  37. Dennis Allen is no Lance Kiffin
  38. Who? What? Why? Where? When? ...and How?-Seriously, too many questions.
  39. What Attributes Do You Want In A Head Coach?
  40. Allen may have been right all along
  41. Firing DA, in and of itself, does not solve the problem.
  42. Can anyone post the post-game show?
  43. DA is the 1st HC I've wanted fired in the past 3 HC's!
  44. Rearrange the Deck Chairs or Save the Ship?
  45. While we wait for the axe to fall- Bye Week question
  46. Tuesday is D-Day..
  47. The day after in South Florida
  48. Jets cut fourth-round pick Jalen Saunders...Worth a Look?????Better than Moore????
  49. Chi Raider Needs Help
  50. Rich Gannon talks about the mess that is the Raiders
  51. Props to Raider Nation...
  52. Raiders have landed.....
  53. Vic Tafur article talks about players not defending Allen after game....
  54. Who breaks the news?
  55. JT the Brick tweet regarding Allen at airport...
  56. So how did Watson look?
  57. Silver lining through all of this
  58. Tuck and Woodley
  59. Its sad really
  60. The New Solution is the Old One (Ledcookey)
  61. Does Al Davis fire these fools after the 10 game losing streak????
  62. The Trickbox
  63. Thats what an established/succesful coach does
  64. Anyone notice
  65. Watching the Chiefs embarrass....
  66. Raiders Flight Home
  67. You listen to Jon Gruden call a football game
  68. Worst raider moment
  69. Change in ownership as well
  70. Winner is Jay Glazer...
  71. So Allen is gone
  72. One part of the new Regime down, one to go!
  73. Goodbye Dennis Allen
  74. Raiders picked to go 12-4.
  75. Ian Rapport is reporting Jon Gruden is #1 on the list....
  76. Phone call/end of game
  77. Does this mean we lose Sparano next season?
  78. Allen firing tweet thread....
  79. Fallon Smith says not gonna be Sparano....
  80. More tweets on the situation...apparently Sparano will not be the interm coach
  81. Tarver????
  82. Long term HC wishlist
  83. Mark is Finally Taking Affirmative Action, I Say More to Come
  84. Dennis Allen ??? #GTFOH
  85. How I see it going down. .
  86. Dennis Allen fired after 8-28 record
  87. GREAT NIGHT tonight!!
  88. Dennis Allen fired after 8-28 record
  89. Raiders v. Dolphins post game live show
  90. OH SNAP..It's NOT on Raiders.com...excusers still have HOPE
  91. How good was Gruden?
  92. He wasn't FIRED...he was SACKED...
  93. Raiders targeting Gruden per PFT speculation...
  94. Kawakami thinks Harbaugh may be in play...
  95. Raiders confirm firing...
  96. For Once..
  97. I'm Sure gonna miss...
  98. Good behind the scenes (sorta) info @ 957
  99. My Take on The Current State of our Raiders
  100. Back in the day, this is the time of year we'd hear...
  101. another superstar coach other than gruden
  102. Question to the admins....
  103. ESPNs Bill Williamson on....
  104. FCC to dump blackout rules today
  105. Fallon Smith backtracks on Sparano info....
  106. While Gruden is the popular speculation...
  107. 957 Discussion on DA firing
  108. I think Gruden will be named. ..
  109. Nothing New. Shefter Is An Ahole
  110. 80% - Romanowski with the Raider coaching staff next year...
  111. Heres some good news. Kinda.
  112. Coach vs GM....
  113. Time to move forward...
  114. what happened to the pearl???
  115. PFF - Refo: MIA vs OAK
  116. Can we all say a prayer for Schaub and his family
  117. FAO Mark Davis
  118. PFT Power Ranking 32. Oakland Raiders (0-4) : The bye week is favored by 9.5 points.
  119. Interim HC
  120. Sound like Sporano
  121. Glazer tweet...
  122. And Tarver?
  123. Cyberpicks glitch
  124. Peter King is a major douche...
  125. Breer tweet on Gruden....
  126. 2pm presser....
  127. sparano is the guy
  128. The case for Holmgren
  129. My guess regarding the Defense..
  130. We are poised for a big turn around
  131. Reginald on Sparano...
  132. It's officially Sparano per Raiders.com
  133. Sprano in Miami Owned Us
  134. RM and Sparano will do presser...not MD
  135. Sporano bio...
  136. What would Sparano have to do to keep job long-term?
  137. Article: Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher Would Be Crazy To Come Back to Coaching
  138. Ed Werder says sources tell him. ...
  139. Kawakami leaks a question for presser...
  140. Presser live @ CSNbay...link on Raiders.com also and channel 696 Directv...
  141. Wow pushed back to 2:30....
  142. Remember Winston Moss
  143. will TS call the O???
  144. Impressive!!!
  145. RM deer in the headlight look
  146. Change in philosophies
  147. Mark with press after PC
  148. Mark Davis talking to reporters after the presser....
  149. So I guess those of us who said we need to win 7-8 games were right?
  150. Dennis Allen should have been fired after last season!
  151. Silence from players is deafening....
  152. The more things change. ..
  153. Transcript of Davis comments...
  154. 2014 Draft Do-Over
  155. FCC votes to end the black out rule!
  156. Looking for Some Changes
  157. I got some 'splaining to do...
  158. Kawakami article on Gruden undertones....good read...
  159. I'm wondering if Q isn't behind this whole happening
  160. Reggie McKenzie wanted Sparano but owner Mark Davis preferred Al Saunders
  161. Bye BYE rm
  162. I just finished the presser......
  163. Good news! Our next home game will have a 100% grass field
  164. Seems clear cut for RM now..
  165. My analogy
  166. Sporano Interview
  167. Tony Speaks, I listen
  168. Sparano. PC. And discussion on Youtube
  169. Here's one you might not see coming
  170. Traveling Early to London a Mistake?
  171. MD: "very good position to move forward"
  172. The Definitive Guide to Fixing the Oakland Raiders...
  173. I think Bill Romanowski hits the nail on the head.
  174. Looking forward to watching as much Chargers/Cards as I can stomach....
  175. Reggie, Mark, Dennis, Sparano even Goffer.
  176. Question, with Carr out ....
  177. Enough about cap space!
  178. Maybe the Raiders can get a new stadium in Montana?
  179. If Anyone has Rich Gannons latest Sirus Radio Commentary ...
  180. More dirt.....
  181. Hansen tweet I wanted to share about RMs intelligence
  182. Middlekauf tweet with a lil dif perspective....
  183. Bye Week "State of the Future" Roster
  184. Dennis Allen firing from the San Diego point of view...sort of
  185. My Disgruntled Fan Tweet
  186. Jon Gruden on Mike and Mike this morning.
  187. Carr says he is ready for next weeks game vs Chargers
  188. Mark Davis QA on the talent level of the team.
  189. Gannon Raider Rant
  190. Is it just me
  191. Just want to say THANK YOU...
  192. Update on Terrelle Pryor
  193. Q I have a request....
  194. Raider video and audio clips for 10/1
  195. Rich Gannon's Comments on Sirius
  196. Cyber pick locked
  197. NFL extends deal with DirecTV (SRC)
  198. Interesting article about Harbaugh...NRC
  199. Please Check Your Email SPAM Folder
  200. There's always something to be excited for..........
  201. Raiders Talk About Losing Allen, Playing for Sparano
  202. Gannon tweet....
  203. This Week I'll Make the Cyberpicks Leaderboard
  204. MMQB article on Gruden/Raiders
  205. Streater to IR(can return)
  206. Pointing Fingers... In London
  207. Cheese Eaters vs. Purple People Eaters
  208. The Harbaugh fit.
  209. Thinking Outside the Box -- Or Maybe Just Being Insane (I am Sooooooo Frustrated!)
  210. Question for those who sell tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange or here on the board
  211. Potential Candidates
  212. And so, in a sense, we begin again
  213. Raiders can still make the playoffs......
  214. Put Me In Coach!
  215. DJ Hayden
  216. Bye Week Injury Updates
  217. Path to the Superbowl for 2014 Raiders
  218. Denver cuts Matt Prater
  219. NRC: Giants win game 1 vs Nats
  220. I know something that could get Grudens ego burning!
  221. Would you give up a first round pick for Jim Harbaugh?
  222. Raiders Clips for 10/3 and #JustWinChallenge (interesting idea)
  223. Standing ovation Nation!
  224. A Phone Call to Fire the Coach? Not Exactly...
  225. Looking for a Raiders guitar strap....
  226. Rookies Rated After Week 4
  227. Kenbrell Thompkins cut by the cheatriots
  228. Tony Sparano Delivers Backhanded Slap to Dennis Allen
  229. NRC; EJ Manuel Benched for Kyle Orton
  230. Tonight on Raiders247. V. Browns 1982 Playoffs & Jack Tatum. On HBO. (Flashback)
  231. Reece and MJD Respond to Gannon's Ramt
  232. This week's Silver and Black Show
  233. Holmgren for coach anyone? - pft.
  234. Few Pics From London, Proud of Our Fans
  235. Go the Cardinals! Go the Jets! Go........
  236. Watching Dallas/Houston game....NRC
  237. Next Coaching Hire...Philosophical Change
  238. Glazer says Harbaugh done in SF after this season no matter what
  239. Guess who averaged over five yards a carry today?
  240. Watching the Chargers, Chiefs and Bronkos.
  241. SRC Chiefs and Niners game...
  242. Bengals Pats
  243. harbaugh would love to coach oakland-report
  244. How Important Are The Next Two Game For Us?
  245. Giovanni Bernard reminds me of Charley Garner....
  246. Instead of looking at Jenning, Hounston and Veldhere....
  247. Q what's up with cyber picks
  248. One game at a time.....
  249. Jamarcus Russell new career
  250. Old Castoffs Now, Young Keepers Next