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  1. FOUR YARD dig route SHORT of first down and right into the defender...
  2. TOTAL YARDS: 125 - 3 ....lol DA makes this to easy
  3. No Defense and No Offense
  4. I'm in a BAD MOOD
  5. This is complete and total Joke!!
  6. Dennis Allen....
  7. Tuck , Woodley and Mack.
  8. Looking to the draft...
  9. Fire All Of Them
  10. I am sorry folks this is 100% on the coaching
  11. Taking solace in watching Anchorman Part II & making pecan/caramel brownies!
  12. I hate this team
  13. Fans cheering for a stop.
  14. This is the most talent we have had since 2002!!!!
  15. Calling out DA's supporters !
  16. Should've been PI on Texans
  17. 24-0
  18. Can't catch, block or tackle...
  19. 3rd and 9 run!!
  20. 3rd and 9 amd they run...
  21. Wtf!!!
  22. I'm AMAZED to see that...
  23. Sio Moore ...
  24. Will we win a game?
  25. Wow, fumbled TWICE...
  26. HOLY CHIT!!!!! 2fumbles
  27. Please forfeit the second half!
  28. Reggie's Dominating run blockers
  29. At least there are signs of life..,
  30. lolololol...and DMC can't find the sideline..must be lack of talent..hahaha
  31. Asher Mathews ‏@AsherMathews 4s This game can only be described as...Art Shell-ian.
  32. I'm going to have to fight my way out
  34. If only we could have played the worst team in the NFL last year
  35. Wow, stating the obvious but it's getting worse every year
  36. Whaaa Whaa, Whaaa, bunch of chix littles...sky must be falling, again...
  37. McFadden needs to be benched
  38. Release DMC TONIGHT !!!
  39. Two Motivated Players
  40. Khalil Mack where are you???
  41. U watch, gonna get Carr KILLED now with these 20+ yard routes...
  42. Someone already posted it...
  43. These Texans Receivers are Making Some Tough catches
  44. OK... NOW you can...
  45. How does Mark react?
  46. Why even go to New England?
  47. same old same old
  48. 7 game lossing streak
  49. Mark Davis is Fuming!
  50. DA Fans gonna blame this on our rookie QB I'm sure.
  51. Wait, did Jones actually ONE UP the 'butt fumble'?
  52. Wow last 2 plays Mack
  53. Gruden and Wade Phillips
  54. Who Replaces Allen Now?? Before the excuse makers ask...IT DON'T MATTER!
  55. Hey Olson, how about...
  56. Its not as bad as it looks have faith , I believe !!!
  57. Good thing we got rid of Houston and Vance Walker
  58. The Pundits and prognosticators were right.
  59. Good for the Chargers
  60. J J Watt...
  61. Second Half
  62. Whaaa Whaa, but coaches don't block, coaches don't catch, coaches don't tackle....lol
  63. Wow, just saw a stat...
  64. That #1 overall draft pick looking good
  65. On the Bright Side.........
  66. Step 1: Sell the team; Step 2: Move to LA!
  67. Why delay the inevitable?
  68. So tired of this CRAP
  69. Is this what a Johnathan Martin and Michael Sam sandwich feels like ?
  70. CWood's Commentary on Today's Game
  71. Kelvin Sumlin should be our next coach! Here is why....
  72. Derek Carr deserved better. Where is the D?
  73. So here's how I see it.
  74. question regarding defense
  75. Where were all the Tarver "activations"??
  76. At least I know already who to pick next week, in My Suicide Pool- New England
  77. Honest Question: Is Oakland The Place UFA's Come For A Last Paycheck
  78. Man watch the niners play D
  79. Firing Reggie - Lets talk about that Option...
  80. What Did Allen Say Post Game?
  81. San Antonio Backing Out
  82. Positives and Negatives
  83. Telling tweet...
  84. What good does firing DA now do?
  85. Raiders?
  86. When Goffer posts...
  87. Keep Allen Until Year End
  88. Dennis Allen was a donkey
  89. 53-125
  90. Carr makes a lot of promises
  91. This Team Needs Wholesale Change Form Top To Bottom...
  92. Too late to cancel sunday ticket on DTV?
  93. Now that was a Rat Kill,
  94. Call 'em Out
  95. It's more than RMac and DA
  96. I feel like Charlie Brown
  97. The end of winter
  98. Didn't Reggie promise we would be competitive this year?
  99. Sparano coaching record
  100. That was painful, frustrating, and disappointing
  101. If you were Coach what can be improved?
  102. Jamarcus Allen
  103. Based on the game and DA's PC yesterday...
  104. 16-16 vs. 8-26
  105. Anyone know of any good Raider depression support groups?
  106. Parallel Lives
  107. Improvement Overshadowed By Loss
  108. Grading the Raiders vs. Texans...
  109. Defending Davis
  110. What went wrong?
  111. Offensive Line Play Has Been Good
  112. Fire Olsen....hire Lamonica......?
  113. Raiders sign WR Vincent Brown
  114. Benson Mayowa and Shelby Harris?
  115. Had this been our team last year-
  116. We can be delusional and dream right..honestly what weaknesses due you see in NE?
  117. Nation, I am so sorry........
  118. CSNBayArea Post Game show and presser and Raider Clips for 9/14
  119. "We’ve got to change the mindset" DA Monday presser...
  120. Mack's performance?
  121. Peter Principal and watching it at work
  122. Sell!!!
  123. Just thought I'd throw this out there...
  124. My take on the game and where we stand on where we stand.
  125. I noticed something on the Jones double fumble
  126. NRC. NFL players read their. Own tweets
  127. Raiders Clips for 9/16
  128. DL is losing the battle at LOS....
  129. Where is the personal accountability from DA?
  130. im done
  131. Vincent Brown
  132. Just finished the Houston tape.......
  133. Derek Carr: Top 5 throw and Top 5 RUN this week
  134. 32. Oalkand Raiders
  135. Raiders fans familiar with this:
  136. So here is the question...
  137. If we lose badly Sunday it's time for DA to go, here's an article to back it up.
  138. The TRUTH Some People Refuse to Accept
  139. Raider Mecca
  140. Oldest Team in the NFL
  141. Joe Barksdale
  142. When does the axe fall?
  143. Is there anyone on this board that thinks........
  144. I keep monitoring PFT to see if there's any change or even comment from RM or Mark D.
  145. Bring it on.....
  146. My thoughts on this years Raiders...
  147. Raiders sign Vincent Brown per Steve Corkran
  148. Donald Penn has been solid
  149. Mark Should Not Sell
  150. Will be at the NE game this Sunday
  151. What will get Reggie fired
  152. Jmo I think it's time to give Latavius Murray a chance to be the main ball carrier
  153. Cyberpicks - Get In Before Thurs Deadline
  154. Scheduling question
  155. I picked NE over Oak in CYBERPICKS
  156. Practice Tweets 9/17/2014
  157. Da Monday PC. and Raider Clips for 9/17
  158. NFL Week 3 opening odds: Patriots biggest favorite {from yahoo sports}
  159. PFF: OAK vs TEX Refocused
  160. LB Bojay Filimoeatu re-signed to practice squad
  161. Wine, Skulls, Charlie Manson and Zombies (MECCA CONTENT)
  162. For the Co-Dependent Who Might Need a Hug ...
  163. Another NFL player arrested today for domestic violence
  164. Moving forward with Sparano
  165. Made it to Oaktown
  166. Mack shows burst on inside rush
  167. Gabe Jackson stands his ground against JJ Watt
  168. A conversation with Raiders owner Mark Davis by Tim Kawakami
  169. Last time Raiders won in New England..
  170. Raider Clips for 9/18
  171. A question for the boards rules experts.Why wasn't the MJD. Play game 1 not a punt?
  172. ? what's going on with the Lb corp- with Sio Moore and Nick Roach health in question
  173. Many draft sites have the Raiders landing the first pick in 2015.. So?
  174. Here are reasons why we CAN beat NE........
  175. If Your username is listed...
  176. No indicators of change......Monte Poole
  177. Justin Tuck: "a scheme that we didn’t necessarily understand .."
  178. what i want from this season
  179. Apparently, Nick Roach is a huge deal.
  180. MJD back at Practice
  181. Is this the reason for our D woes?
  182. Gabe....hope for the future.
  183. Thurs. Edition of FnF@Raiders 247 v Patriots 1994
  184. Raiders waive DE Shelby Harris
  185. Aso21, here's a link you'll love...
  186. Buccanqueers getting murdered!
  187. Competition for the number one pick..
  188. Did someone grease the ball for this game?
  189. So who's your choice as our next HC?
  190. Our Carr is better than your car!
  191. ? for the College football junkies around here..
  192. Former Raiders can pin point Raiders decline. / Article
  193. Carr, Mack, Jackson All Garnering Praise...
  194. Felger & Mazz: What On Earth Happened To The Oakland Raiders?
  195. Practice Tweets 9/19
  196. Those of you upset with the DJ Hayden pick....
  197. Peyton Manning's sexual assault in college
  198. Ravens and Goodell in deeper s#$t
  199. Former Raider Anthony Smith
  200. So I'm curious...
  201. What the hell is going on Nation????
  202. sio moore out sunday
  203. Oak Coaches have tuffest job in NFL!
  204. Stop with this Locker Room crap
  205. Now this is REALLY starting to bug me....
  206. Ok what grade to give to RM and then DA?
  207. Schaub not suiting up tomorrow...
  208. Bojay promoted again, Harris signed to Practice Squad...
  209. Tom Bradys an ASS !!
  210. I sense an upset tomorrow...
  211. College football experts (nrc)
  212. Raider Clips for 9/19, 20 and Audio Clips
  213. Watching the Zombies Strolling Down Hegenberger (MECCA CONTENT / FINAL GAME REVIEW)
  214. #Raiders backup QB Matt Schaub out of game at NE after wife had emergency C-section.
  215. Brady talking trash about the Raiders
  216. Have a little faith, baby.... Have a little faith...
  217. Patriots Will Try to Run... A Lot
  218. Just imagine
  219. Here is the struggle...
  220. Looks like Reggie is safe.
  221. Game Inactives...
  222. Going to Ricky's
  223. Tarvers. Message to Dee. "Leaders" Stop talking and start playing
  224. Is the subway commercial with Tuck a Raider diss?
  225. Usual start on offense.
  226. There's the upset...
  227. Reece drops a lot of catchable balls
  228. Seriously please play Murray
  229. At 8:00 Minutes Left in the Half....
  230. BS Pass Int call
  231. Worst offensive scheme in football
  232. Marquette King
  233. Better but still not enough...
  234. it would be nice if Denarus knew where they sticks are
  235. Sorry Nation Reece is overrated!
  236. Brady's not elite any longer
  237. Still not helping Carr out......
  238. Are the Raiders trying to win today? Or just keep it close
  239. Sigh...blatant PI on Dmac there...
  240. Murray's In!
  241. That was PI on the DMC play in the end zone
  242. Mack is the real deal...
  243. Mack!!!
  244. I want the win, but no matter what happens...
  245. Dumbest Staff I Have Ever Seen.
  246. great stand! NM
  247. It's time to air it out...
  248. 2nd and 1, let's run right at Willfork
  249. Can we ever get a turnover?
  250. WE WILL LOSE, because DA is a LOSER!