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  1. ****ing zebras
  2. Retweet by Cork...
  3. Carr possible broken ribs....
  4. Props to McGloin
  5. Mcgloin!!!
  6. Question to the board
  7. Well
  8. Post game PC, no real Carr update yet...
  9. raiders sign a Te Kyle Auffray
  10. McLovin
  11. Quick observations
  12. Total lack of communication between Allen and the medical staff.
  13. Link to Kawakami post game presser transcript...
  14. raiders.com post game presser transcript...
  15. Schaub's arm looks shot:
  16. McFadden is gonna get someone killed
  17. Which receiver will step up?
  18. NASCAR package
  19. Victory Saturday!
  20. On second look
  21. 3rd Quarter????
  22. As the "eternal"...
  23. Lots of bad call last night...
  24. Carr: X-Rays on Ribs were Negative. Still Concussed.
  25. Positive from yesterdays game
  26. Final second win? can't be the Raiders!
  27. Right now( after 2 week of preseason) what 6-7 Cb's make the roster
  28. Raiders Clips for 8/16
  29. This is going to have to change if Schaub going to be Raiders Qb going forward.
  30. Coaches on the Clock
  31. The grades are in!
  32. Non Raider $hit....Looks like a nightmare getting into Levi's Statium (NRC)
  33. Trying to fly in for a game this October, need some travel help/advice....
  34. Are there any possible camp cuts?
  35. Watching the Denver / 49ers game
  36. PFF. DET OAK Refocused
  37. Getting a new stadium ????
  38. Raiders' Camp Report: Day 16
  39. NRC- Why won't teams tell the real story about players
  40. Yo, Studs and Babes!
  41. Raiders face reality check with Schaub, Carr
  42. DeJon Gomes leaves game in the fourth quarter with a neck injury
  43. Two Scenarios
  44. Raider clips for 8/17
  45. I'm curious
  46. ? Why hasn't gabe jackson had more reps at LG( don't understand the point of rotatin
  47. Raiders injury update: Derek Carr returns, Marcel Reece in walking boot
  48. Why Your Team Svcks - Oakland Raiders edition
  49. I got POWER back on!
  50. Manziel flips the bird MNF
  51. Raider clips for 8/18(more)
  52. On paper.........
  53. CB returns to team.....
  54. Derek Carr is a more talented QB than Schaub
  55. The NFL wants musicians to pay to play the Super Bowl halftime show ...
  56. Reece back at practice
  57. Great news! Marcel Reece returns to practice
  58. Practice Squads go to 10 players
  59. NRC: Packer waive TE Colt Lyerla
  60. What good is a "great salary cap"
  61. Great breakdown of the Snake Kenny Stabler
  62. cb Neiko Thorpe has a great chance to make the final 53.....
  63. Raider Personnel in Foxboro, Week 3
  64. Raider Clips for 8/19
  65. What are your guy's thoughts on Jonathan Dowling?
  66. Desperately Seeking Playmakers
  67. Don't like the sounds of this RE Marcel Reese
  68. DA's Presser
  69. Raiders can win some games in the trenches, says NFL scout.
  70. Is it Winning Time?
  71. Our 3rd preseason (i.e. 'dress rehearsal') game is at Green Bay
  72. (NRC) Vote for local pitbull rescue in my area
  73. Raider Clips for 8/20
  74. SRC: Both of the Steelers' RBs Arrested on Drug Posession: Time to Trade DMC?
  75. Just heard an interesting story about Woodson by Rich Gannon
  76. This is just complete and utter horse manure......
  77. Lane update... second grade watch out!
  78. Tickets
  79. Forbes: Raiders no longer least valuable team in NFL
  80. Carr not playing against the Pack
  81. Heyward Bey sighting!
  82. Thorpe and McGill ready to show what they can do
  83. NFL lip syncing is back! And funny as sh!t!
  84. Players vote the Raiders as the least desirable team to play for
  85. The Jets have their OWN secondary problems
  86. Repost from another thread
  87. What do you guys make of this from Marcel Reece?
  88. Raiders hope to put together complete performance in Week 3...
  89. Jake Murphy
  90. KC just keeps going in the wrong direction....
  91. Matt Flynn > Derek Carr?
  92. This is a dress rehearsal...
  93. Tonight's Raiders Inactives
  94. As his tradition, Marcel Reece pays tribute to Al Davis pregame.
  95. Right down the field on us...
  96. How 'bout Drew?
  97. Right down the field on them
  98. Right down the field on them
  99. Good Pressure on Rodgers on this Series
  100. I hate to say it
  101. Defense looking like I thought they would
  102. Mack
  103. Jones and Schaub
  104. Stupidity drawing flags...
  105. So far so good
  106. Carr's GOTTA sit...
  107. prayers for SIO
  108. Everything about DA pisses me off.
  109. Dammit. Not Moore.
  110. I'm beginning not to like Nick Roach as our MLB anymore!
  111. So they're really enforcing hands to the face now?
  112. Papa says Sio Moore...
  113. Schaub is painful to watch
  114. Please Flynn
  115. Blame Schaub, the OLine or the O Coordinator ?.................
  116. Hope I'm wrong...
  117. Why doesnt the NFL enforce these new rules they've implemented?
  118. Head injuries to Roach and Terrell Brown (nm)
  119. Just in case, this game is on CBS National TV
  120. Are you ****ing kidding me
  121. What is wrong with Reece's hands?
  122. I'm convinced...
  123. It's offical Reggie can't pick a QB
  124. It's possible
  125. no helmet to helemt on Sheets?
  126. why the hell. ..
  127. Good Job Ross!!
  128. Jack Cornell bring your play book coach wants to see you
  129. Q, Can you take this MA thing off?
  130. other than Shaun and pass blocking...we are pretty good
  131. Nope, sorry, not a TD
  132. Did Brown play tonight?
  133. King
  134. Did Not Think I'd Say This But This Team is Awful
  135. Someone with DVR
  136. NFL 2014 Roster Cutdown Dates
  137. McGloin is da Man!
  138. post game presser...
  139. Sio back at Lambue
  140. And all this head coach can say is "we have to get better"
  141. Seattle Owning Da Bears 31-0 in the 3rd Quarter
  142. One of THOSE types of games tonight
  143. This is how it is...
  144. OK, just finished watching the first half...
  145. Matt Schuab looked okay.
  146. Not sure what defense a lot of you were watching in the first half, I was impressed!
  147. Shaub looks done, but so does McFadden.
  148. Season is over before it has begun? Really?
  149. Free Agent Matts in 2015?
  150. Does Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen have the courage to admit that Schaub isn't
  151. Does any body really feel any better?
  152. I hate to interrupt the meltdown...
  153. Lack of Intensity disheartening...
  154. Brothers and Sisters: comment on the biggest mystery of preseason to me!
  155. Raiders RB Kory Sheets says he's out for season:
  156. i always beliieved
  157. Butler and Thorpe Need to Make the Team
  158. Truthfully we don't know squat.
  159. Sheets says he's out for season
  160. ? How long will M Watson be out with this hip flexor
  161. 5 quick hits
  162. Gabe Jackson 2nd best overall guard in preseason
  163. Khalil Mack highlights from Packers game Youtube
  164. Raider clips 8/22. Game Day
  165. Kuhn's hit on Moore
  166. Mecca Business: Will the following Schmucks ...
  167. SRC: Saffold injured again
  168. Vikings are impressing me
  169. Chris Hanson tracking Schaub's Passing...Tweet
  170. Michael sam sacks johnny manziel, flashes “show me the money”*celebration
  171. Jmo a stab at Raiders 53 mAn roster
  172. Trent Edwards
  173. Raiders Packers Post Game on you tube
  174. The Takeaway: Raiders vs. Packers
  175. Everyone Surprise Raider Cut that doesn't make 53 man roster.
  176. Every team has issues.............including Denver!
  177. I'm excited about the Defense
  178. Jacoby Ford cut by Jets
  179. Just finished the Green Bay tape and WE are right there Nation!
  180. Napa Earthquake
  181. Ras I Dowling
  182. Important Dates Incl. Roster Cut Downs
  183. Bradford tears ACL
  184. Good case in point !!
  185. Field Pass
  186. Beware of Oakland Coliseum City
  187. Are we a team ?
  188. Tommy Kelly anyone? - Just released by the Patriots.
  189. NRC - Tommy Kelly cut
  190. Raiders cut 7 players...
  191. Matt schaub misses practice with an arm issue
  192. Veldheer getting used
  193. w/respect to "Oakland Releases Vision of Coliseum City" link
  194. Can/Would Derek Carr fare any better?
  195. Injury Updates - Hayden, Ausberry, Ellis, Brown, Taiwan, McCants
  196. WANTED: WRs with great hands
  197. Why is everyone so down on Shaub?
  198. Raiders’ recent run of sore-armed veteran QBs tells us about Allen and McKenzie...
  199. If Geno Smith, Ryan Tannehill, EJ Manuel........
  200. Raiders Live on TV
  201. Yet more trouble for the Jets secondary.....
  202. This franchise isn't out of the weeds yet...
  203. Per PFF McGloin best pre season QB....
  204. Titan cuts WR I would love to give a shot
  205. Maybe next week MJD can do his...
  206. Will be interesting to see Pryor this Thursday....
  207. ut oh... Schauby misses practice AGAIN !!!!
  208. Mecca Question: Ground Transportation to Mecca Events
  209. Already, warning signs for Raiders' season
  210. Two quick questions:
  211. Tailgating/arrivaltime
  212. Brice Butler
  213. Match the QB with the Statistics
  214. Schefter : Hayden to go on PUP
  215. Raider Clips Galore for 8/24
  216. Hayden
  217. Ok! I went back and watched the GB Game, regarding Shaub's arm.....
  218. Pettigrew
  219. Logan Mankins traded to Bucs
  220. Cuts are in - 1st Round
  221. SIO is back at practice !!!
  222. Lincoln Kennedy on 957thegame. Discusses roster cuts and final roster - 8/26 audio
  223. People want to bitch about.......
  224. Major distraction!
  225. Opening day Versus the Jets, is all on Greg Olsen
  226. Little VS Holmes. WR debate
  227. It is time to move forward...
  228. Where did Louis Murphy finaly end up?
  229. Behind Enemy Lines: What the Seahags editor has to say about the Raiders game
  230. Raider clips for 8/26
  231. Thank God Seahawks are legit
  232. Janikowski: Currently 19th in NFL Career Total Points Scored
  233. Tickets for Seahawks?
  234. Carr to start against Seahawks
  235. Interesting timing for this...
  236. Editing posts
  237. Black Thursday!
  238. Tonight's game in Socal
  239. NRC - Raider Family - Need your help...
  240. Schaub is going to test his arm Monday. Carr could start.
  241. Carr is our future
  242. Roster Decisions - The Turk Cometh
  243. Scott Bair's 10 to Watch 1. Quarterback Derek Carr
  244. The dead or alive post was a complete joke!
  245. #Raiders scratches are in. Gonna take a few tweets to list them all:
  246. Seattle will play defensive starters one series
  247. Jackson to starting LG
  248. #Raiders owner Mark Davis completes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge in the blackhole #Alli
  249. game links?
  250. wtf hochuli? LA won the toss?