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  1. d- coordinator Jason Tarver on Branch, Sio, and Burris
  2. Gabe Jackson Making Powerful Impression
  3. Going to training camp today
  4. Raiders247 Hall of Fame FLASHBACK 2006-John Madden Induction Ceremony and Coverage
  5. Olson fine-tunes Carrís footwork, raves about Rivera
  6. D J's twitter page
  7. The Raiders 8th practice of #RaidersTC2014,
  8. Raiders Clips for 8/1
  9. Raiders Clips for 8/2
  10. Training Camp Observations: Aug. 2, 2014
  11. Claude Humphrey (NRC)
  12. Ray Guy HOF. Induction Ceremony and History on Youtube
  13. Preseason game 3 vs. Packers in Green Bay
  14. Derek Carr: 'I always think about what I did wrong'
  15. Ray Guy... My Tribute.
  16. Sunday Football @ Raiders247 v Broncos MNF 2001
  17. Raider Clips for 8/3 Inside Raiders Training Camp
  18. Interesting article, I wondering now if Carlos Roger will make the 53 Man Roster
  19. More from Raiders Training Camp Day 8 Dennis Allen press conf.
  20. Wiz2 tied for 4th in pass blocking efficiency
  21. (NRC) Sharing some great news
  22. I'm OK if Hayden Goes on IR
  23. Official Depth Chart
  24. Training camp observations: Aug. 4, 2014
  25. Log jam at WR for HOF - Analysis suggests Timmy's got a good case
  26. I know it is just preseason...
  27. Offseason thanks
  28. Justin Ellis: The Next Ted Washington?
  29. Any links for the game Friday?
  30. Hayden back before pre-season end..
  31. Scott Bair's Raiders chat transcript (8.5.14)
  32. The Raiders are on the field for their 10th practice of #RaidersTC2014,
  33. Matt Schaub Training Camp 2014 Press Conf & a look back at Training Camp 2013
  34. You want to see a thin secondary?
  35. Does David Ausberry need surgery on his knee?
  36. Ausberry to have knee procedure done tomorrow
  37. TV listing for Friday question
  38. GUAM BOY Keepin real!!! All hail Dr.DEATH!!!
  39. Practice Observations 8-5 at Camp in Napa
  40. TRAINING CAMP OBSERVATIONS: AUG. 5, 2014...Chris McClain
  41. Raider Clips for 8/5
  42. McGloin & Pryor PFF
  43. (FRC) Titans cut Tyler Wilson
  44. I know this is outside of Raidernews but CB Cary Williams is calling N.E. CHEATERS!
  45. Bridgewater to Get Snaps w/ 1st string Friday
  46. PFF- Rivers, Manning, Smith QB Notes
  47. Raiders sign Rookie FA LBer Spencer Hadley. Waive LBer Marshall McFadden
  48. Raiders sign FA Safety Larry Asante. Waive safety Shelton Johnson.
  49. What i want to see Friday
  50. Sparano lauds deep, versatile Raiders offensive line
  51. Interesting Chekwa comments and a few tweets
  52. I have to admit it
  53. #Raiders training camp observations from teamís last practice before Fridayís game
  54. Raider Clips for 8/6
  55. Great blog from Reece.
  56. Camp Notebook Day 11 - Game Preview
  57. Raiders doing Hard Knocks in 2015?
  58. NFL Sunday Ticket online options?
  59. We've added some new players: DB's and a LB!
  60. Iselle to hit Hawaii...(NRC)
  61. Can't view my profile, send PM's, or give Rep
  62. This coaching staff can win in this league
  63. Love this tweet! Doesn't get much better! Build those lines, baby!
  64. Sounds like Red McCombs wants to help with the San Antonio deal.
  65. Charlie DeGrange is awesome
  66. It takes every kind...
  67. NFL.COM Preseason Live
  68. Tim Brown: The Making of A Man , videos of his recent interviews about his book
  69. I like that Raiders signed a left footed kicker ( Kevin Goessling) to
  70. Watching Denver-Seattle preseason
  71. Raider Clips for 8/7
  72. Let's ride Nation!
  73. NRC - Thursday's Preseason Action
  74. Anyone else pumped for Raider football in 3 hours?
  75. Raiders pregame is on NOW (audio broadcast)
  76. So should the rest of the AFC just lay down for the Donkeys?
  77. GAMEDAY Streams and Links- Raiders v Broncos Pregame starts 2pE, 11aP
  78. Is the Chat Room open tonight?
  79. Link for live stream of the game?
  80. Sick as a dog but looking forward to tonight
  81. Poor Start
  82. Brown in the secondary is UNIMPRESSIVE!
  83. Mack playing on 2nd drive?
  84. About what I expected....
  85. Defense looks horrible! Special Team *****! and Offense has to many Mistakes!
  86. Time to see what Carr has
  87. So Far....complete domination
  88. Couple positives and a BIG negative
  89. these announcers are dumber than bricks
  90. How about that secondary?!
  91. Expectations and disappointment
  92. Yea its only preseason....
  93. OLSEN must go..............
  94. #allin, wtf
  95. Vomit
  96. Can somebody please tell Bergstrom
  97. Hope I'm just playing Nostradumb@ss here...
  98. So I guess it is time to turn our attention to 2015?
  99. Props to McGloin
  100. Things I'm worried about.
  101. Player Tweets
  102. Here is where coaching counts
  103. Replay (Minnesota feed) on NFL Network right now
  104. Many moons no vision
  105. Great seats for next week's PRE-SEASON GAME VS Lions
  106. Only Place I Could Find Anything About Jelly's Injury
  107. Happy Birthday Jamarcuss Russell!
  108. Even with if the penalty situation changed we played poorly
  109. Our season is doomed...
  110. if Schaub is going to be the Qb, than Raiders have to upgrade the
  111. Raiders Clips for 8/8 game review and highlights
  112. Just Preseason? Not to Mark Davis
  113. Flat but hopefull
  114. Looking back on what we expected to see Friday, based on thread...
  115. Make take on the last day or so
  116. This Fan's Observations - What Are Yours?
  117. Just finished watching the game twice now. Lots of good!
  118. Is there any way to listen exclusively to The Raiders announcers with Preseason Live
  119. Annual Question- Pain in the arse rule. Why ?
  120. My positives (gasp!) and negatives (typical fly)
  121. When did the team fly to minny?
  122. NFL needs to fix this rule NOW
  123. Raiders in Oxnard questions
  124. Is McGill hurt
  125. Rashad Jennings 73 yd TD run for the Giants
  126. Watching the Browns / Lions game.
  127. NRC did Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph get shot?
  128. A Closer Look at Derek Carr's Throws
  129. Coach Allen and Derek Carr Vikings post game press conf. On Youtube
  130. Positive Note. QB's are gonna be good
  131. Pre-Season Game Reality- How do you evaluate?
  132. 42 or so sure things mean 11 decisions for roster spot
  133. Great read on former Raider Charles Philyaw
  134. Gabe got a concussion ?
  135. We should have looked better than we did IMO
  136. Talent v. Coaching
  137. Post Game 1: lets talk roster.....Part One the D
  138. Where are the post game Presser's ??????????
  139. Offensive huddle to start off #RaidersTraining Camp 2014
  140. Wow you think we have trouble- look at the Jets
  141. Raiders rookie cornerback leaves team. link
  142. Allen makes his point in practice outburst
  143. Training Camp Day 11 Allen and Murray PCs....on YouTube
  144. These joint practices with the Cowboys.........
  145. PFF- 2014 Raiders Preview
  146. PFF-OAK vs. MIN Refocused
  147. Reese to TE?
  148. Mark Davis looking to buy land in Los Angeles.
  149. Catching the Gawddamn Ball
  150. Final Napa Practice Tweets
  151. Raiders and Cowboys in Oxnard question.
  152. Opening game in ny
  153. Robin Williams Dead at 63.
  154. Dennis Allen - Tarver on D
  155. Old Brown Rice......
  156. Raiders Clips for 8/11
  157. Raiders247 NOW SERVING Brown Rice
  158. Raiders notebook: Allen makes his point in practice outburst
  159. Q or Raid...Please call me about Mecca... STILL PROBLEMS with registration; Ben - 4U2
  160. does anyone have a link...
  161. Anyone Have one of these for Sale?
  162. Johnny Football getting hazed - NRC but pretty damn amusing
  163. Pre-Season Tickets
  164. Does anyone have any news on how the Joint Practices with the Cowboys are going?
  165. Camp Tweets Tuesday
  166. Denver loses leading tackler to broken knee
  167. #RaiderNation is ready for today's joint practice with the @dallascowboys http://bit.
  168. FIGHT! Huge fight between Cowboys & Raiders involves Raider fans in the stands
  169. Dallas Clark
  170. Khalil Mack vs Tyron Smith
  171. Dr Death - Awesome recognition
  172. Raider Clips for 8/12 & FIGHT
  173. Magic Johnson on Raiders in LA
  174. Help keep us in oakland!!!
  175. To all of the Raider Nation that showed up in Oxnard yesterday........
  176. Anyone have a link for watching recorded replay of Min game?
  177. Happy B'Day Jolly Roger...
  178. Kasa carted off field with knee injury.
  179. "Just Know What Nation You F*Ckin Wit ..."
  180. How do you read this quote from Pete Carrol about Terrell Pryor?
  181. Possible Raiders move to Los Angeles is gathering steam
  182. Tweets from today Scrimmage which just begun...
  183. Rumble in Oxnard. Day 2
  184. Andre to Browns for Hoyer
  185. Bummed for Kasa / Opportunity though
  186. Video of RaiderNation in Oxnard
  187. Oxnard brawls
  188. Humpday Football @ Raiders247- v Jets MNF 2002
  189. If there was ever a game to come out on fire Friday's game would be it!
  190. Dunno If Anyone Has Seen This Yet ..
  191. Didn't see this posted - Paul Gutierrez - Day 15 of training camp
  192. Jmo If Raiders go with only five Wr's - Greg Little is out.
  193. Raiders Clips for 8/13
  194. Sio Moore Video
  195. London: ticket request
  196. Cardinals may already be detaching from Fitzgerald...(NRC)
  197. Have Been Feeling Real Troubled about Rivera since the Minnesota Game
  198. Must Keep Kory Sheets!
  199. (NRC) Big Happy Birthday to Jackal today!!
  200. Here's a really nice write on the current situation with the Roster
  201. Claiborne out a few days
  202. Many teams keep only 2 QBs
  203. Calling T. Gonzales
  204. NRC Fantasy Football League
  205. Silly ? Is there any way Antonio Smith doesn't make Raiders 53 man roster.
  206. Black Friday!
  207. Jerry Mac's stab at the 53...
  208. And KC takes yet another step backwards!
  209. Raiders vs Lions preseason 2014: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, more
  210. The annual Direct TV question
  211. Raiders won't renew O.co???
  212. Have been wondering about this... Mark Davis' prop
  213. Looks like I'm coming to Oaktown
  214. So firstrow tells me I need Java 12.3...
  215. Raiders Clips for 8/14
  216. Any Live streams?
  217. How a 4-12 team hopes to compete in AFCW
  218. Raiders radio pregame is on NOW
  219. Online stream of NFL games
  220. The Refs are killing the game
  221. The stadium is virtually empty
  222. Good drive by the offense, Jones needs to catch the ball!
  223. EEEW! Who is this Tarell Brown person...
  224. Officially Pressing the PANIC button on our CB's
  225. My God we need CB help now!
  226. Tarrell..
  227. 2015 NFL Draft
  228. Another year same thing.....
  229. Seen enough.
  230. Hey we had a great week of practice!
  231. Mack
  232. Greg Olson is boring!!
  233. Jones - Drew to the rescue
  234. The offense plays at a faster pace with Carr
  235. Conflicted about the first half
  236. So hear's a question.... (NRC - Computer related) for halftime...
  237. Great news!
  238. volume on NFL.com preseason live
  239. This defense is just 100% GARBAGE... no other words to use for it
  240. So while the D gets walked over (listening to radio) another computer question (NRC)
  241. How about taking a shot doiwn the field. Too much dink and dunk
  242. McGill and Dowling
  243. As Magic use to say "Its winning time!"
  244. I am torn
  245. **** you Jack COrnell
  246. Ouch
  247. You suck.....ya you
  248. Horseshit referees
  249. Helmet to helmet?
  250. ****ing zebras