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  1. I dont get it.............
  2. My top 5 draft big board and an explanation for each player
  3. Teddy bridgewater has poor pro day
  4. We still have the most salary cap
  5. Were the Raiders Considering Veldheer as a RT?
  6. Free Agency affecting the draft.
  7. Teddy ProDay Video
  8. Every player signed to the Raiders thus far has said............
  9. Surprisingly positive article by Dickey: too quick to judge Raiders’ offseason
  10. Raiders re-sign S Usama Young
  11. Lamarr Woodley Contract Details
  12. 500th Post – I love you guys!
  13. Donald Penn and Related OLine Talk
  14. For SiriusXM subscribers: James Jones will be on Blitz @ 1:20 EST
  15. Could Richie Incognitio be the answer to our RG Position?
  16. No big-name FA left, #5 pick won't break the bank...we need a trade
  17. A return man
  18. Alex Mack Getting No Interest (PFT)
  19. Good time as ever to deal Pryor to the Panthers
  20. So Q????
  21. Chris Clemons clone???
  22. Eagles want a 3rd round pick for DeSean Jackson
  23. (NRC) Rock Rushmore
  24. any word on carrington?
  25. Donald penn likely to sign
  26. Raiders closing in on Penn
  27. Done deal!!! Penn signed.
  28. Oakland Raiders show Blake Bortles draft interest
  29. Raider assistants at FSU pro day
  30. Man Look how agile Donald Penn and how he man handles this great DE...Wow!
  31. now if Raiders sign Richie Incognito and Jared Allen
  32. If McFadden can't run behind this monstrous line..............
  33. Welcome to the Revolution
  34. Signing released players is smart
  35. Up to date and complete nfl free agency link
  36. I hate the NFL network
  37. We have a pretty good double TE set
  38. Donald Penn and Related OLine Talk Version 2.0
  39. Melton signs with Dallas
  40. Raiders have private meeting with Blake Bortles....
  41. A tweet from the kid everyone wants to kick to the curb
  42. N - Rock guitarist Mt. Rushmore
  43. hester wants $4m
  44. Prisco gives Raiders a B in FA...all teams listed....
  45. How about "the Flash" for CB?
  46. Birth of dynasties
  47. d-line
  48. 12 biggest beneficiaries of free agency; Dennis Allen is named
  49. Top 5 Players in Draft - Fan's Dream Draft
  50. Blake Bortles pro day live stream
  51. Donald Penn's contract
  52. A new video from Justin Tuck
  53. Latest Salary Cap Number
  54. Derek Carr's pro day tmrw. Including Reggie Mckenzie & Dennis Allen
  55. Papa just made a compelling case for Schaub
  56. Some of Blake Bortes Pro Day Notes
  57. Can Usama Young Be Our Starting FS?
  58. Donald Penn grew up a Raiders fan.
  59. New mock has us getting Watkins in first and Carr in second
  60. I'd Give Houston Until March 25th.
  61. I'm probably gonna get killed for this but doesn't Johny Manziel style
  62. GM Reggie McKenzie on free agency
  63. Alex Mack Omen
  64. C-Wood back!
  65. WoW ain't something
  66. Reggie at David Fales San Jose State Pro day today
  67. So far so good, now two more re-signings would be beneficial
  68. I like to see Raiders sign DT Terrance Cody 6'4 341 to add to
  69. No way desean Jackson is back with eagles (SRC)
  70. No 18-Game Schedule
  71. TP 2.0 with a Good Oline
  72. Re: waiting for round 2 to get a QB
  73. For those who haven't read the article...
  74. The draft is setting up nicely
  75. Mike Jenkins signs with bucs:
  76. Incognito wants to be a Raider
  77. Al's record
  78. John Clayton - Vick
  79. Who on our squad is ELITE?
  80. Schaub being targeted by Raiders....NFL dot com article...
  81. Tweets from Carr's Pro Day....
  82. Fitzpatrick singing with texans
  83. how about offering Denarius Moore For Cb Jonathan Joseph
  84. I know some folks prolly don't click on the "hotlinks" articles...
  85. Just Got Back from Derek Carr Pro Day at CSUF
  86. Jared Allen tweet...Raider content...
  87. Tapatalk users...Convo too...
  88. After one round of NCAA mens BB tourney.....NRC
  89. NFL tweet on Silver article on Raider QB targets...
  90. Raiders interested in desean jackson
  91. Ally....Just send you a PM
  92. Raiders @ Stanford pro day...
  93. To my fellow brothers and sisters in the Raider Nation!!!!(NRC but please read!)
  94. There saying Texans may be cutting Matt Schaub tommorow
  95. Interesting "First Take" Discussion with Merrill Hoge
  96. As long as I live
  97. What is your ideal draft day scenario?
  98. Raiders are trading for schaub
  99. I HATE this move!
  100. Pryor will be gone....
  101. Schaub flying in for a physical
  102. Bill Williamson...Schaub not next Gannon....
  103. Schaub was a no Brainer
  104. OK, I've made my mind up. I want Watkins at the the 5 spot.
  105. You know what player is next
  106. Schaub doubters
  107. Schaubs page @ Pro Football Reference....
  108. Contract question…
  109. hadn't seen this posted...(MRC)
  110. Incognito likes Raiders
  111. Why Matt Schaub signing is good for the Oakland Raiders.....J. Arcellana
  112. NRC: Duke loses to Mercer
  113. The Matt Schaub Podcast
  114. Jared Allen sweepstakes
  115. Carr's Revenge
  116. We need some new DBs !
  117. Mat Shaub vs Alex Smith
  118. Jerry MCD-2013/2014 Starter Comparison
  119. CWood Conference Call Transcript
  120. It's Official-Schaub a Raider
  121. Texans are paying Shaub's $11 million salary?!
  122. Give me your grade on this off-season so far..........
  123. QB Matt Schaub press conference LIVE STREAM at 3pm
  124. Shaub's Cap Hit
  125. Looks like we have 8-9M left
  126. Shouldn't we have just paid Palmer ?
  127. Shaub Press Conference (No Reggie or DA)
  128. Incredible schaub stat vs mcgloin, Pryor, Flynn
  129. (NRC thank god)... Vick signs with NYJ... NYJ cuts Mark Sanchez
  130. Nice to be in Raider Nation
  131. Battle for Los Angeles: Rams, Raiders jockey for return to SoCal
  132. So I was cleaning out my desk and look what I found!
  133. All ten free agents can be cut next year with NO dead money
  134. JMac tweets on Schabu signing...
  135. something I am working on...
  136. Reggie built a perfect offense for Schaub
  137. If Schaub plays well we can win
  138. THIS is how a bad team builds through the draft...
  139. Austin Howard is our highest paid
  140. D.A. Presser-"We brought Matt Schaub in..."
  141. Favorite player in the 2014 draft
  142. Positive stats abour Schaub
  143. What are your Magic Numbers?
  144. The Eagles don't want Jackson
  145. Grabbing the QB gives us the option of a trade back
  146. Jets and Raiders in the mix for DeSean
  147. Possible trade back teams and what they might want
  148. Deja vu: Is Matt Schaub deal Carson Palmer all over again?
  149. Matt Schaub vs Chargers Week One 2013 Highlights ...
  150. SATURDAY EDITION of Friday Night Football @ Raiders247 v Texans(Schaub)-2008
  151. I want a Big Strong Nasty
  152. Missing Raidernews, need suggestions
  153. The Immaculate Deception - Re-opening the wound 41 years later on NFL Network
  154. Really hoping we dont go after DJax
  155. I like it! Raiders showing interest in Atlanta's Thomas DeCoud Defensive Back
  156. I still want Johnny Football
  157. Greatest Schaub highlight ever
  158. Any news on Andre Brown?
  159. Cap confused
  160. With the 5th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select
  161. Hand Held to Fire - #5 Pick
  162. [New Raiders QB] Matt Schaub vs Seahawks (Week 4, 2013)
  163. If you want Schaub to succeed then you have to keep building the Oline
  164. Mark Sanchez Agrees To Terms...4 Year Deal
  165. Clowney
  166. After two months of research, Ive decided who the best QB in the 2014 draft is.....
  167. Since we have less than 10 Million to spend, I comprise a list of FA's that might fit
  168. Playoffs?
  169. Ultimate website for draft eligible players
  170. Schaub restructures
  171. Anyone know what happened with Ninjagoro?
  172. Would it be better to draft another Qb this year or
  173. Mark Davis about possibe L.A. move...
  174. Buccaneers Wr Mike williams Stabbed by his brother in his thigh (NRC)
  175. If we wanna really make Schaub comfortable
  176. Rich Gannon is beating Brett Favre in the votes for greatest QB ever!
  177. 2014 Home Opener and Mecca vs Houston Texans
  178. DeSean Jackson as a Youngster
  179. What are the Raiders top needs on offense and defense?
  180. Raiders intrigued by DeSean Jackson, but don't want to trade a pick
  181. Matching Draft Picks With Team Needs
  182. Young DB's currently on Squad
  183. Raiders "massive crush" on Derek Carr????
  184. Tweets from Orlando...
  185. 7 round mock...
  186. Allen interviewed by Sam Wyche.....
  187. NFL teams no longer able to charge for "playoff tix" before game is confirmed...
  188. The Real FA grades...
  189. Kamakaze tweet regarding Pryor...
  190. Tafur on oline...
  191. Kiper/McShay Rank Top 10 QBs in Draft
  192. PFF Signature Stats. WR Drop Rate
  193. John Dickinsons got jokes....
  194. Reggie McKenzie on Terrelle Pryor’s short-term future, DeSean Jackson, Veldheer’s neg
  195. Considering he's not 6ft tall...Manziel dunk video
  196. Feeling Gopherish today
  197. Power Running Game....
  198. Bowl Cuts Becoming Popular.
  199. Pryor trade/release request came in January...per PFT
  200. Raiders looking at Howard to play guard
  201. Mark Sanchez Release because of a failed physical!!!
  202. Want Some Good News?
  203. Teddy B/Bortles/Manziel Stats Under Pressure
  204. Anyone know Schaub's restructure details?
  205. Hansen tweet on Raider stadium woes....I have to agree...
  206. Draft Comp Picks
  207. Schaub and WCO
  208. Raiders head coach Dennis Allen excited about Matt Schaub, ....SiriusXM Podcast
  209. 10 to 12 new starters for 2014
  210. Trading back to at least 11 makes sense
  211. Where's Our Charlie Garner?
  212. Is Mark Davis high?!!!
  213. Sad News update (NRC) Link
  214. Nightmare Scenario
  215. "Pay As You Go" Salary Structure
  216. Just For Coversation I Want To Know Why?
  217. Gabe Jackson
  218. Is Jared Allen ever going to decide (MRC)
  219. Raiders get no comp picks this year
  220. Owners Approve Replay Changes
  221. I want Watkins in the Draft...
  222. QB pro days meaningless
  223. DA Presser-Long
  224. Mathews or Robinson
  225. ESPN FA Anaylsis
  226. Ralph Wilson dead at 95, RIP (SRC)...
  227. Gannon upset Farve, come vote!
  228. Rams sign DL Alex Carrington
  229. Finley, Jones, draft musings
  230. Reggie: [Veldheer] didn't want to play for the Raiders anymore
  231. For Those Clamoring for a CMAC "post"
  232. Vic's chat with Reggie tells us a lot about his plans for the OL
  233. What unit on this team should we have our strength be?
  234. Sparano
  235. Jared Allen to the bears
  236. Eagles open to trading desean Jackson and Evan Mathis
  237. Comments on Jared Allen
  238. Paul Gutierrez ESPN guestimates Raiders starters....
  239. Raider Insider Scott Bair's New Chat Transcript after being at the owner meeting.
  240. The NFL Bans "dunk" TD Celebrations ...
  241. NFL experimenting with extra points
  242. expanding playoffs
  243. Just posted an article by Scott Bair on Tuck...
  244. Sign incognito just because , My top ten reasons
  245. Trade down for a DT anyone?
  246. Seabass & King Crab better get their sh!t 2gether
  247. 2013 vs current 2014 Roster - Improvement or Decline?
  248. Any truth to this rumor?
  249. Jared Veldheer refutes Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie
  250. Phase 2 of free agency begins.