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  1. Mike Silver tweet on Veldheer...
  2. Reggie Mckenzie making sure he fills roster out with his guys
  3. Merry Christmas ya'll..........
  4. read this...
  5. Bennett to Chicago (according to PFT)
  6. Guess who came up at the bottom of the list?
  7. H Nicks on a 1yr deal?
  8. Now that FA is over....
  9. Is Reggie following his mentor's path?
  10. Schaub could be the next raider QB.
  11. Houston to Pack?
  12. Rolando Russel/JaMarcus McClain
  13. Why don't we go hard after Eugene Monroe?
  14. Really?
  15. Jason Babin a FA - this year's Michael Bennet/Cliff Avril?
  16. Carlos Rodgers to be cut by 9ers
  17. Bennett Re-Signs with SEA
  18. Anxiously awaiting what happens to Jennings...
  19. Michael Bush anyone ? Bears releasing him.(nm)
  20. Article on Veldheer
  21. Veldheer is most likely not returning...
  22. On the eve of FA, do you have faith in Reggie?
  23. On the eve of FA, do you have faith in the Raiders?
  24. What would this say???
  25. Jared Allen to the Broncos?
  26. The sh!t is flying so fast it's hard to keep up
  27. CG Technology (odds-maker)
  28. Nerves
  29. On this day in 1973 - nrc
  30. Well, if this is true about Veldeer we should start worrying about free agency
  31. Let's all piss our collective pants together .....
  32. If this becomes true...
  33. Who Is Irreplaceable on a 4-12 Team????
  34. Reggie Moneyball Pic
  35. CTE Awards Dinner: Follow-Up Report
  36. We will be competitive this year!!!
  37. Revis, so you're saying there's a chance....
  38. Notes on raiders from former jets exec
  39. Results for #CashRegisterReggie
  40. McFadden could be back
  41. An optimistic view of Houston and Veldheer potentially walking
  42. Damn Raiders- Gotta have heart
  43. Here's some food for thought on Veldheer.
  44. What would the OL look like if we signed Vick?
  45. Wheeling and dealing with the deck we have
  46. So, let me get this right...
  47. Micheal Johnson rumored to Buccs
  48. Go Get'em Reggie!
  49. How much do you think Veldheer is worth?
  50. These Are "The Good Ol' Days"
  51. FA Main Thread .....Players Coming and Going
  52. If we are not spending big bucks then who are the bargain/ value FA?
  53. On the Rashad Jennings Front..
  54. Mike Jenkins Rumblings
  55. Raiders and Browns
  56. If You Voted "Want Raiders to Fail", Don't Read This
  57. SRC- Fascist Ukrainian opposition leader is a Raiders fan...
  58. Raiders opt not to pay Veldheer, Houston
  59. Just say no to Revis.
  60. Marcel Reece seems to be positive a out the offseason.
  61. McFadden is back
  62. Demarcus ware released
  63. Paul Gutierrez Shows His Utter Uselessness Again
  64. Veldheer to cards and Houston to bears
  65. Adam Schefter on Veldheer and Saffold
  66. Saffold to us 5 years 42 mil
  67. Safford 8.5 a year
  68. Safford to play guard
  69. Saffold to play Guard for Raiders
  70. Sure hope FA signing Saffold works out better than Briesel...
  71. Reggie's on Crack....
  72. Saffold at guard = trade down
  73. LOL someone on twitter is pretending to be Veldheers mom. Or at least I hope so.
  74. And so it begins!
  75. It's becoming more appaerent that players won't play here until we start winning.
  76. Wait, Saffold to get 16 mil in year one?!?!?!
  77. So we sign McFadden........
  78. JV's offer was 5yrs-30 mil 10 G
  79. Monroe resignes with Ravens 5 yr/ 37.5 mil
  80. Eugene Monroe signs for 5yrs/37M.
  81. Jags trade Blaine Gabbert to the Whiners
  82. Looks like Ward to the Donks
  83. Rashad Jennings gone
  84. Watson_Stafford_Wiz_Barnes_McCants? What?
  85. I finally figured Reginald out....
  86. Rashad Jennings to sign with the Giants per Schefter
  87. And here we all thought the total tear down and rebuild started when RM came in.
  88. ATTN: Mark Davis
  89. Rashad Jennings to Giants... can this get any worse ?
  90. We paid more for Saffold than Veldheer and Monroe
  91. Go sign Revis
  92. Are Raiders going to let Menelik Watson or Matt McCants play LT next year?
  93. McFadden 1 year 4 million
  94. McFadden 1 yr 4 mil????????????
  95. Schefter: DMac signs 1 year contract for 4 million...
  96. LOL Jenning goes to NYG for 3 mil and RM pays Glass McFadden 4 mil.
  97. Goffer, I gotta be honest with you.....
  98. The Only Positive thus far
  99. Season's Over Folks.....Why even play?
  100. Kawakami on McFadden signing
  101. Raiders interested in Austin Howard?
  102. Raiders bringing in RT Austin Howard
  103. tackle Austin Howard to visit Raiders.
  104. So I was at a job interview...
  105. Offensive Line: Safford is starting to make sense
  106. Or OL is Winston - Scaffold - Wise - Barns - Harrold ???
  107. Saffold Scouting Video
  108. just a question?
  109. McFadden contract
  110. Hard to believe this is happening.
  111. Did we get our Franchise Qb yet?
  112. More details of McFadden deal
  113. Jennings going to NY for visit only.
  114. Andre Brown?
  115. McFadden sprains wrist signing contract. Out two months.
  116. Mike Mitchell signs with Steelers
  117. This is what Rodger Saffold brings to the table...
  118. JMac with the uppercut:
  119. whats the deal
  120. I know today fa start hurts a little
  121. Saffold vs nicks, mankins
  122. one player set to be released we should jump on is..
  123. Is St. Louis a cow town...
  124. Girls, Girls, Girls ..STFU
  125. remember that one Christmas???
  126. I use to have a knack for predicting Raider (AL) moves
  127. This would be a thing of beauty
  128. Receivers
  129. did the Jags just tip their hand??? (NRC)
  130. Linval Joseph headed to Minnesota...(FAC)
  131. One concern that I have
  132. Texans release tight end Owen Daniels...(FAC)
  133. Thought Saint had little cap room?
  134. Denver favorites to land DE Demarcus Ware
  135. Who should we sign next?
  136. Antonio Smith coming in for visit
  137. Jonathan Martin traded to SF pending physical
  138. We need a franchise QB!!
  139. Talib to Denver
  140. How did Reggie do in the opening day of 2014 free agency?
  141. Wrapping up Raiders bizarre open to free agency
  142. McFadden signs a new 4 game contract....
  143. New Forum: WAR ROOM
  144. Vic Tafur with some interesting behind-the-scenes info
  145. Deal with Austin Howard in place.
  146. Interesting thought...
  147. Austin Howard deal done: 5 years / $30 mil
  148. Raiders reach agreement with tackle Austin Howard
  149. Austin Howard. 5 year 30 mil
  150. DMac-VS-JV and Jennings
  151. Quote on our OL
  152. Now It's Tarver's Turn
  153. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?
  154. We re probably banking
  155. Thanks jvd
  156. Raiders interested in Andre Brown per Rapoport
  157. Quick tidbit on Austin Howard
  158. Raiders bringing in Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley
  159. PFF top 75 free agents available
  160. I wish people would stop saying that FAs only sign with good teams.
  161. Well, This Board Did It AGAIN
  162. Great first day!
  163. Regaining confidence.
  164. Excited and faith!
  165. Reggie "Overpaid"
  166. Tarver Looking to Add More 3-4 Players?
  167. The board, as always, is predictable!
  168. Scott Bair says Saffold to play LT...
  169. Here's some of the players today I would like for us to go after...
  170. WOW Denver has Talib and Ward!!!
  171. PFF tweet and graphic on FA...
  172. Is Reggie McKenzie following the Blueprint of Seattle Seahawks
  173. Aquib Talib Hasn't Played a Full Season in 7 Years
  174. Day 2 Free Agency: Main Thread
  175. Comments by Randy Cross(LikeWeReallyGivaF) on ATL radio re. Raiders 1st day FA moves
  176. John Middlekauff pulls curtain to reveal big drama in Jared Veldheer negotiations
  177. Do we go after Revis and his Salary???
  178. Justin Tuck and Terrel Thomas from the Giants are visiting the Raiders today.
  179. Per Schefter, Giants CB Terrell Thomas also visiting Raiders today with Tuck
  180. Seahawks cut Chris Clemons...
  181. Incognito?
  182. Denver gets DeMarcus Ware:
  183. NRC Demarcus Ware
  184. Vikings and Raiders ..... Caption
  185. How much does it cost to win a Super Bowl?
  186. Raiders bringing in Jason Hatcher
  187. There is a silver and black lining.....
  188. Wtf
  189. Steve smith??
  190. Lamarr Woodley signed?
  191. bucs add josh mccown (nrc)
  192. Buccos Released Revis - Headed to NE
  193. Brandon Weeden to be released
  194. I was wrong - Again -McCown Article
  195. How many games does our O-line stay intact?
  196. You Saw It Here First - With The 5th Pick in The 2014 Draft The Oakland Raiders
  197. Reggie haters crack me up
  198. Browns have released their second QB of the day, Jason Campbell.
  199. Brandon Weeden Anyone
  200. Would it help...
  201. McFadden stayed for less money . . .
  202. Andrew Brandt tells Raidernation to be patient on MMQB site
  203. Jason Campbell with RBs Bush and McFadden?
  204. A positive article for Goffer....Why the Oakland Raiders Made the Right Moves on Day
  205. Saffold - OT or G??
  206. Jason hatcher is in Oakland right now
  207. Mike Martz a Raider fan?
  208. Raider Clips for Day One FA (Youtubed)
  209. a reason to smile
  210. Saffold/Howard guaranteed money is lower than previously reported
  211. Things not so dire tweets....
  212. I like how our offensive line is being rebuilt
  213. Actual contract numbers for Safford and Howard
  214. OMG Saffold failed physical not signing!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Saffold failed Physical
  216. Saffold failed his physical
  217. Saffold failed his physical won't be signed!!!
  218. We are cursed.
  219. Rodger Saffold failed his physical; not joining team! Per Source: CSNBayArea.com
  220. Good Thing
  221. Paging Mr Collins....Mr Collins.
  222. Is that the fake Schefter tweeting.
  223. Ok. Regroup. WHO IS OUT THERE AT OFFENSIVE TACKLE. And while we're at it...
  224. Hilarious, saffold signs five yr deal with RAMS!
  225. Epic Fail
  226. How does Saffold pass the Ram's physical while failing ours?
  227. What was lost with Saffold
  228. Time to sign M Oher and John Jerry
  229. Mike Silver says Mark Davis pulled plug on Saffold deal.
  230. Mike Silver also says Tuck and Woodley still at facility.
  231. Did Raiders develop buyer’s remorse on Saffold???
  232. Mark Davis killed the Saffold Deal
  233. Now its buyers remorse
  234. Pull the plug
  235. Something is fishy with Saffold signing so quickly with Stl.
  236. Collins LT
  237. Does Saffold fiasco work in the Raiders favor
  238. Tuck and a Woodley having dinner with Davis and RM
  239. No Fret, Report RM Eyeing Razorback Lineman in Draft!
  240. here is what I am thinking
  241. what happens
  242. Losing Faith In Front Office
  243. Quotes from PFT's article on Saffold f*ckup
  244. Is this organization doomed as long as Mark Davis owns the team ?
  245. Stay stong Nation!
  246. Is signing Alex Mack part the salve for this wound?
  247. On behalf of goffer re saffold/veldheer
  248. Done Pressing the Panic Button Yet? No? I'll Check Back
  249. Signings coming soon
  250. Just out of curiosity...