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  1. Man who saved life of Raiders fan to be honored
  2. Could McFadden reconnect with Hue?
  3. NFL's salary cap now projected to rise to about $130 million
  4. Golf-Cart Hover-Craft (this should be fun) ... (NRC)
  5. NFL releases Combine coach/G.M. press conference schedule...
  6. Rich Gannon: Johnny Manziel a bad fit for Raiders
  7. Mayock on Raiders QB and BPA....
  8. 2014 Combine Schedule
  9. London Game
  10. Rethinking Jonathan Martin
  11. Franchise Tag Numbers Expected to Increase with Cap
  12. DA Combine Presser
  13. I'm not really sure who should feel insulted here
  14. Some combine observations from Cbs sports
  15. Oakland Raider comp draft picks
  16. This is a test post
  17. QB weigh-in at combine
  18. Can you Tag a player on a one year contract? SRC
  19. OL Combine Measurements
  20. TE Combine Measurements
  21. Draft Site with Video Cutups of Most Prospects
  22. Qb Logan Thomas had a good meeting with Raiders
  23. McKenzie Talks Combine video
  24. PFF- Top 10 FA OG
  25. Wow. Browns tried to trade for Jim Harbaugh
  26. Combine-RB Measurements
  27. Combine-WR Measurements
  28. Wow Mayock says he'll take Mack 1st overall
  29. Friday Night Football @ Raiders247 v Seahawks 1988 "Win & You are in the Playoffs"
  30. NFL to adopt 15-yard penalty for use of racial slur?
  31. Coach Allen "When you try to force a quarterback, it really sets your franchise back"
  32. 7 players I would be happy with on Draft day.
  33. What happened to Raider Barbie
  34. Raiders linked to Free Agents
  35. Bortles may go first to Texans
  36. Are any of these quarter backs worth a top 5 pick?
  37. Straight from the horses text.
  38. Raiders met with Bridgewater last night
  39. Could Cooper be our #1 WR?
  40. The second round will be filled with good prospects
  41. Raiders could franchise or transition tag Houston
  42. Weekly Raider Clips for 2/20 (Youtubed)
  43. Not Many FAs have Re-signed At This Point
  44. NRC!!! anyone got a link to UFC tonight?
  45. TE Colt Lyerla
  46. Raiders to make run at signing Jared Allen and BJ Raji
  47. JMO I think Raiders should address the defense heavily in Fa.( once wanted them
  48. Mike Evans is really opening up some eyes at the combine.
  49. No Flag
  50. George Atkinson III shines at NFL scouting combine...
  51. Some Draft Cutups and Write ups
  52. I just heard on NFL Radio (channel 88 sirius/xm)..........
  53. Clowney runs 4.47 ....
  54. McCarron Throws at the Combine
  55. Donald runs 4.65
  56. RIP Harold Ramis dies.
  57. Quote from Gil Brandt
  58. Forum Set Up
  59. Raiders Extend Taiwan Jones
  60. Forum Question - access by smart phone
  61. Pryor - I want him here.
  62. Just Going on Record.
  63. Kahlil Mack
  64. Spoof News: Blockbuster Trade! Jets and Raiders
  65. Schefter tweet about Polian on Garrapolo....
  66. Barr's Bench Not too Impressive
  67. Wow! They're making fun of Mark Davis.
  68. 2014 NFL combine Raiders news and coverage (video)
  69. Sio vs. K. Mack
  70. PFF Under/Over-Valued RBs
  71. Could you imagine the trade offers we could get if Clowney drops to the 5 spot?
  72. Cap could be as much as $135m
  73. Brisel to Retire? Pure Rumor
  74. For what it's worth....
  75. Latavius Sighting ...
  76. Raider Mecca
  77. CEO Amy Trask podcast....When Al traded Gruden.....
  78. Carson Palmer/Matt Schaub Similarities
  79. What do ya think about us getting QB Ryan Mallett?
  80. A very good article on what RM should do with the Cap Space we have...
  81. Mark Davis QA
  82. This is a question that needs to be asked (NRC)
  83. Marcel Reece: True Versatility (video)
  84. How about signing Thomas Decloud FS after the Falcons cut him
  85. Our Starting Free Safety - Thomas DeCoud?
  86. Jason Peters 10m per year....
  87. Updated list of potential AFC West FA's....
  88. PFF-Raiders JVM-Over & Under Valued Players
  89. Mark Davis and Jerry Jones the Only Owners at the Combine ?
  90. Second part of Mark Davis intrerview with Vic Tafur
  91. McShay on the 4 Elite Prospects
  92. How deep is the 2014 draft?
  93. D'Qwell Jackson?
  94. Ya' know how there's some moments in life ...
  95. Which Small School Prospect Will Make it big in the NFL?
  96. NFL prospect missing after leaving combine early (NRC)
  97. Richie Incognito at it again,
  98. Gill Brandts talks overlook prospects who helped themselves at the combine.
  99. Gruden's QB Camp: Johnny Manziel
  100. Friday Night Football@Raiders247 v Vikings SBXI-Silver & Black FINALLY break through
  101. If Johnny is there???????
  102. If Raiders drop back, what player would make the most sense for you
  103. Raiders talking to Center...
  104. Dri Archer
  105. Albert Breers tweets on Raiders moving to LA...
  106. Reggie
  107. Internet Explorer 9 Users: Important Fix
  108. Dolphins floating Dion Jordan in trade talks (NRC)
  109. NFL will experiment with an extra Officials in the Preseason to see if it may work.
  110. Maclin signs with Philly....PFT (NRC)
  111. Gil Brandt tweets about Garrapolos pro day and others....
  112. Here's the dream... fill in the blanks: Raiders drop back in the 1st round
  113. Hardy to be tagged by Panthers...per PFT...
  114. My Sleeper FA no one is really talking about, that I think would fit our team is....
  115. Raiders re-sign Khalif Barnes
  116. Cap officially 133mil....per PFT
  117. Dolphins deny trade rumors...PFT
  118. Veldheer Signs This Weekend?
  119. Wilth the salary cap going up by 2016 to 150 milllion , It makes it tougher and
  120. If Houston leaves
  121. Sidney Rice and Red Bryant?
  122. Free Agency Rumors/Info
  123. Mock Draft Dream from Draft Tek
  124. Badmude's Birthday!
  125. Nrc!! Please show support!
  126. Pro scout on Clowney....
  127. Walter football mock draft
  128. Not Chicken Little But Is The Sky Really Falling?
  129. WFIB Goodwill Ambassador
  130. Who knows where we can find this info????
  131. Raiders like Carr over Manziel?
  132. Jim Harbaugh’s “act has worn thin” in the 49ers locker room (NRC)
  133. Interesting comments about draft prospects - nfl.com
  134. Trade Denarius Moore for a 5th Round Pick?
  135. Advice for heated debaters to consider (NRC)
  136. Light Hearted but somewhat serious mock off season
  137. Do the Raiders use the tag on anyone today- YEs OR NO. If Yes on whom, do they
  138. New TB Uniform Design Unveiled...(NRC)
  139. NFL personnel man: Derek Carr is the top QB
  140. It's a good day to be a Raider fan and NOT a Tampa Bay fan. OMGness!!!
  141. Keep an eye on Linval Joseph and Alterraun Verner
  142. Chris Hansen tweet on Verner....
  143. Orapko Tagged
  144. Houston Tagged
  145. News and Notes from FA's moves
  146. So as I understand it...
  147. Lamarr Houston not expected to receive franchise tag
  148. Logan Thomas throws 60mph at the combine.
  149. C Alex Mack Tagged by Browns
  150. Reggie is in over his head
  151. No tags - Official
  152. No Leverage - Here We Go
  153. Here may be the reason why we didn't use the franchise tag...
  154. Stop your Panicking People, there is still a lot of unsigned talent out there....
  155. Anyone Can Be a Sports Writer....
  156. Reggie was destined for failure
  157. How about we target this guy: Everson Griffen
  158. Reggie Mckenzie at Khalil Mack pro day
  159. Jimmy Garoppolo
  160. Raiders Re-Sign Exclusive Rights Free Agents
  161. Another Walter football mock draft
  162. PFT on Macks pro day....
  163. I am for a coup!!!!!!!!
  164. Cb Brandon Browner reinstated by NFL. Brand new FA.
  165. I'm Still Betting on Reggie McKenzie
  166. Football Outsiders Run Stop Rates
  167. The QB rumors from last year about the Raiders and Geno Smith
  168. After listening to Pat Kirwan on NFL radio yesterday....
  169. DA knows what time it is....SF Chron article...
  170. who wants to be a billionaire???
  171. Cowboys rework deals for Romo, Lee, Scandrick...(MRC)
  172. Veldheer Fired Agent-Hired Brother
  173. Transcript of Scott Bair (Raider Insider) A lot of draft questions, answered...Pt1
  174. Here's Part 2 of Bair's Transcript...More about the team than the draft in this one
  175. And here is Pt. #3 of Bair's Transcript...
  176. Tom Savage: Late-Round QB Nobody's Talking About
  177. What a difference a year makes ;^)
  178. Glad the board has so many GM's in waiting
  179. I hope Scott Bair is accurate....
  180. The 2014 starting lineup (leaked)(Super Secret)
  181. Bill Polian on Barnes signing
  182. Champ Bailey and Devin Hester cut....NRC
  183. Report: Packers, Raji close to one-year deal...(SRC)
  184. Veldy Contract Rumors
  185. Mock draft has us taking 2 QB's
  186. Portland Showing Interest in bring the Raiders to their City...
  187. Devils advocate on the salary cap increase
  188. We might have a Draft Trading Partner folks!!!!!!!!
  189. Don't want him , but Colts cut Samson Satele. (NRC)
  190. Are you smarter than an NFl prospect
  191. resigning velhdeer
  192. Michael Bennett to test market...Oak and Jax lurking
  193. Friday Night Football@Raiders247 v Chargers 1978-The Holy Roller + Bill King's Call
  194. Veldeer and raiders have agreed to deal: another source
  195. Is Lamarr Houston sending the Raiders messages on Twitter?
  196. You heard it here first............
  197. Jacoby Ford at his best
  198. Oakland's QB Needs
  199. It's About to Hit the Fan
  200. Did anyone listen to Dr Death's radio show last night?
  201. Valdheer
  202. D ware might be cut
  203. Freudian Slip?
  204. Now Ed Borsilli is reporting that we offered Veldheer back in December.
  205. Jaguars re-sign QB Henne to 2 year deal (nrc)
  206. MGloin is working with Jeff Garcia this off season
  207. Jags To Pass on 1st Round QB
  208. Broncos 2014 Season Preview
  209. Saints cutting Sproles
  210. While We Await JV .. umm, Dogs Anyone?
  211. Any word on our other FA's? It's getting down to the wire
  212. New to the board
  213. Jim Craig
  214. Oakland Raiders have re-signed strong safety Brandian Ross
  215. R.I.P. Al Davis
  216. This is obvious , teams trying to pretend they don't want a QB
  217. Our own FA's / "article" of sorts. Cap Dumb me needs help.
  218. Dennis Allen says he's the man to help lead Raiders' revival
  219. I have to admit to a free agency chubby
  220. Jaguars Sign DL Red Bryant (nrc)
  221. Raiders have strong interest in Sproles
  222. Breaking Veldheer News!
  223. Didn't see this posted yet...
  224. Sam shields staying with packers
  225. So much for Johnson?!
  226. Dolphins have contacted Veldheer
  227. Looks like we are not the only ones jonesin' for some action.....Marcel quote
  228. Your prediction of Raiders first Free agent signing ,that isn't their own.
  229. Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr. dies at 88 (NRC)
  230. What are the Most Important Positions to Address in FA?
  231. DE Everson Griffen to re-sign with Vikings (NRC)
  232. Market changes
  233. Anyone else getting the feeling.....
  234. What about offering Houston a deal similar to Griffins?
  235. Broncos interested in Mike Mitchell
  236. Branden Albert Dolphins primary target
  237. Some advice for Reggie...
  238. Cards After Veldheer
  239. Cardinals Don't Have Too Much Juice
  240. Jets release cornerback Antonio Cromartie...(PRC)
  241. There a rumor Raiders are targeting RB Knowshon Moreno / Ben Tate in Fa
  242. Raiders talking to safford and Monroe
  243. WWAD...What I miss and don't miss Al Daivs....
  244. Heard Veldheer to cards 7.5 mil/ yr
  245. RM better get it in gear.
  246. With the Raiders first pick in 2014 draft they pick LT Greg Robinson/ Jake Mathews
  247. If anyone thinks RM signs a LT after Veldheer walks, you're crazy.
  248. Veldeer likely gone
  249. Veldheer info from NFL insider Darren Connolly.
  250. Mike Silver tweet on Veldheer...