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  1. I smell....................
  2. Wheres the GREAT JOB Reginjury thread?
  3. Some quotes from Rams fans about Saffold
  4. Candid pic of Reggie...
  5. Beating Dead Horse.
  6. Join this exclusive group(NRC)
  7. another forum???
  8. Violation of TOS
  9. can we rename this forum the..
  10. Stuff That Gets Hijacked/Turns into Personal Wars
  11. Reggie McKenzie is sooo bad.... HOW BAD IS HE?
  12. What Reggie Mckenzie has done to our franchise is UNFORGIVABLE
  13. If you can't handle it........
  14. I Told FlyBono...
  15. Goffer offering "how to be a Raider fan" lessons....
  16. Mike Mayock's first 2015 mock draft (we take Cooper)
  17. K...I'll say it...what a dumb a$$ pick
  18. NRC: how did we screw this up?
  19. NRC: Yo, 3:16
  20. TOS Strikes
  21. Reggie McKenzie is sooo bad.... HOW BAD IS HE?
  22. Down this!!!!
  23. Unneccessary Personal Attacks - Stick to Football and TOS Please
  24. What the fvck Q?
  25. Goffer - if you come in here
  26. Who is responsible for this loss?
  27. Where's Fluffer?
  28. I had an amazing dream last night!!
  29. Checkmate part 2!
  30. Stage 14C subsection 5 paragraph 12 GRADES ARE IN!!!
  31. All Carr doubters step up EAT YOUR CROW LIKE A MAN..
  32. Please tell me more about how great our GM is at signing free agents?
  33. So our HOF kicker gags again...lololol
  34. You can only laugh at this point
  35. How many more stupid BONEHEAD penalties did we have again?
  36. so who is moving??? NRC...
  37. Why wait? Stage 7 grades are in!!!
  38. Why wait? Stage 7 grades are in!!!
  39. Kneeling
  40. Oline to protest tonight
  41. i will sit tonight
  42. Mark Davis on Raider players protesting
  43. I'm burning out on politics and sports
  44. Too preoccupied with social issues
  45. Raiders "won" the protest derby
  46. Almost time for the draft...
  47. i couldnt sit
  48. I know these threads are looked down upon, But I am really interested to see the(SRC)
  49. Where did my Thread go ? It was purely satiire- Harmless.
  50. NRC Jerry Jones kneels with Cowboys
  51. National anthem
  52. Protest!
  53. From Jackie Robinson's Autobiography
  54. Why the protest is hijacking the NFL
  55. However you feel about the anthem kneel...
  56. FYI re Anthem
  57. So this is how I see it now.
  58. Ever wonder what cancer looks like?!
  59. Jamele Hill Suspended by ESPN
  60. Ain't THIS the truth...
  61. well, at least someone got 5k
  62. How can this happen in the enlightened west coast utopias of CA OR WA?
  63. Does MLK hate orange people?
  64. So it appears to me that Oakland...
  65. We kept hearing that if he really cared...
  66. John Mellencamp