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  1. Raidertalk.com Server Died....
  2. Dri Archer Runs 4.28! Where's Al When We Need Him?
  3. Clowney runs a 4.53
  4. Black Pearl Related Info
  5. The face...
  6. Revis available? We've got the cap space.
  7. I'm seeing some Black Pearl regulars popping up...
  8. wr jeff janis
  9. Players that don't participate at the combine
  10. Admit it, Q, This is Just a Ruse to Recruit More Fans to The Pearl!
  11. So good Raiders can't pass up
  12. The Black Pearl - A Little History
  13. Not another damned Incognito post....
  14. Clip of Gruden's QB camp with Senor Football
  15. Pretty good offensive free agent breakdown....
  16. Ravens agree to 5 year deal with Pitta
  17. Dolphins Trying to Trade Dion Jordan
  18. Seattle cuts Red Bryant.
  19. Say no to Woodson
  20. Rebuild: Safety
  21. Stadium talk now?
  22. How do you edit posts?
  23. Finally here....
  24. Looks like Orakpo will hit the FA Market
  25. This would be our worst scenario possible
  26. Just joined WFIB, everyone else should do so as well
  27. New Mock - Raiders Trade Up
  28. So it looks like we're here for a spell...
  29. Just read johnkr's post, here's counter info...
  30. Harbaugh's act is wearing thin in the locker room
  31. Advice for heated debaters to consider (NRC)
  32. Let's Put a Pearl Curse on the Dolphins
  33. Michael Bennett in and Lamarr Houston out???
  34. Rumors from the Homeport via draft bites twitter
  35. Orakpo Franchised
  36. Houston NOT expected to get tagged
  37. Veldheer and Houston Not Tagged
  38. Old Forum Software?
  39. Alex Mack gets Transition Tag
  40. (NRC) Truely tastless....
  41. Khalif Mack tears up Pro Day
  42. A Thought: Tarver Wants More 3-4 Players?
  43. Let the bidding war commence....
  44. Question about McGloins measurables ;-)
  45. If Oakland doesn't step up soon they will lose the Raiders...
  46. Aaron Donald at #5?
  47. BJ Raji declines 1 year for 4 million
  48. Looks Like Freeman or Vick will be our starting QB in 2014 ?
  49. Raiders agree to contract with Veldheer
  50. Veldheer News....
  51. Excellent article concerning Reggie and our Raider's salary cap issues moving forward
  52. Where's Heyward Bey and Brandon Meyers these days?
  53. It's time to let Houston and Veldheer walk
  54. Football Gameplan's 2014 NFL Mock Draft Video - March
  55. Cross Griffen off the wish list
  56. Houston's price has just risen
  57. Saffold tells Rams he's going elsewhere
  58. Silver says Veldheer is out
  59. Scott Bair on Veldheer/Raiders at 9:15pm PDT Sunday Evening
  60. Pearl checklist.. feel free to add/tick off items..
  61. I thought our board had its share of chicken littles
  62. The Brilliant Raider Nation
  63. Revis likely to be traded or released within the next two days
  64. suicide is painless Reggie
  65. Saffold to the Raiders is a DONE DEAL!!
  66. Lamar Houston Gone
  67. Reggie doesn't know what he's doing....
  68. I thought the disfunction was over?!?!?!
  69. Rashad Jennings to NY Giants
  70. Jennings to Giants!!!
  71. McFadden Deal
  72. RM you better save yourself...
  73. Off with his head...
  74. Who do we pick #1 overall in 2015 draft?
  75. sign Michael Oher is my only request
  76. Wow Reggie and company are killin it.
  77. Saffold at G
  78. Tackle Coming in for a Visit
  79. Eugene Monroe
  80. I'm all in with Reg
  81. Cosell on Saffold
  82. A lot of high end FA's wont be released till after June 1st
  83. Mike Mitchell got a nice deal from the Steelers
  84. Veldheer $35M vs Safford $42.5M
  85. Noone wants to come here
  86. Bringing in a DE going on 33
  87. Well, Broncos are going alll out
  88. Tracy Porter visiting the giants
  89. Reggie got get Rodgers-Cromartie NOW!!!!!
  90. OT Austin Thomas agrees with Raiders
  91. Austin Howard agrees with Raiders
  92. My first day theory
  93. Justin Tuck and Woodley are visiting today!
  94. Veldheer rumor
  95. Did RM give up on Watson?
  96. Broncos...no joke
  97. Adam Schefter sums it up for Raiders so far...
  98. It's the last thing Raiders fans want to hear, but you must be patient
  99. Revis to Patriots for 1 year
  100. Saffold/Howard guaranteed money is lower than previously reported
  101. My crow is delicious Reggie
  102. Tuck, Brown, Woodley left the building
  103. Saffold failed his physical
  104. Rams just signed Saffold to 5 years
  105. Are we screwed in free agency now?
  106. Possible solutions
  107. Just maybe...
  108. Davis pulled the plug on Saffold!
  109. Reggie and DA is out to dinner w Tuck and Woodley
  110. I miss al!
  111. St. Louis reporter on Saffold
  112. I thought we had all the money not the Broncos
  113. Missed you guys!
  114. fire reggie hire bill
  115. Anthony Collins?
  116. Trying to stay positive so
  117. Try this, it works for me...
  118. About Mark and Reggie...,,
  119. Circle the wagons Raider Nation
  120. ? Hatcher, Woodley, and Tuck: What' thinking about lunch now?
  121. I'm looking for Reggie
  122. LT Donald Penn
  123. Tuck signs!!!
  124. We got tuck
  125. Hatcher visiting Titans
  126. if we can sign
  127. Reggie is taking a beating from the media
  128. A lot walks out the door with Justin Tuck
  129. Worldy a Raider as well
  130. Woodley contract
  131. Hatcher signs with the Redskins
  132. Raiders are favored for Andre Brown
  133. Donald Penn is Raiders plan B?
  134. An NFL doctor's take on what happened with Saffold
  135. Penn is flying to Oakland!
  136. Woodley sounds fired up
  137. Have we tried to re-sign pat sims?
  138. perfect medicine after back-to-back brutal, 14 hour days at work
  139. How come Tracy Porter to Redskins isn't being reported...
  140. Michael Oher coming in for visit
  141. Depressing icongraphic
  142. With the money shelled out on Veld and Houston - maybe a comp pick
  143. The veldheer travesty
  144. Raiders sign Tarell Brown
  145. Thats funny as hell
  146. Is it true Penn left w/o a contract?
  147. Antonio Smith now signed
  148. Vance Walker signs with Chiefs
  149. Reggie is now signing for his job...
  150. Reggie and Dennis be like...
  151. Thurman and Colledge and Thurman set to visit tomorrow
  152. Anyone else happy the team didn't break the bank on Houston and Veldheer?
  153. Usama Young back in the fold - 2yr deal
  154. ESPN: Schaub is Raiders' top target
  155. Alright so the defense is NASTY!
  156. Anyone want to resign Gurode as a 3 string cheap backup?
  157. How much salary cap money do we have left?
  158. LB David Fletcher visiting
  159. Kawakami: McKenzie Bombing as Raider GM
  160. Do you really think???
  161. DeSean Jackson anyone?
  162. Raiders in serious talks about Schaub
  163. Adding Mack to our D would be interesting
  164. Raiders won't trade for Schaub
  165. Dennis Allen at Bridgewater's Pro Day
  166. FA's you like?
  167. Gannon on Bridgewater Pro Day
  168. I'll wait to pass judgement, but this is what I need to see to believe
  169. Raiders sign James Jones !
  170. Reggie MC is the hope of the Raider nation
  171. Kevin Boothe signed
  172. Schaub should be begging for Raider deal
  173. Veteran leadership, character, winning experience
  174. QBs are gonna fall in this draft
  175. Bests part of Woodley Contract
  176. Who is the Raider Nation?
  177. We need (2DT) (1QB) (1LT) (!CB) as starters at minimum any ideas?
  178. Raiders closing in on Penn
  179. Its been a week since FA began
  180. Donald Penn signs with Raiders
  181. We still need to spend a lot of money
  182. No mention of Penn signing on Raiders.com
  183. Now THAT'S how you do an off season free agency!
  184. S.O.P. but still - we get blasted for age, speed, "blundering" but
  185. Donald Penn's signing now official
  186. NFL so called analysts Giving us NO respect....I can't wait!
  187. C-Wood back!
  188. This chicken little owes Reggie an apology
  189. Reggie "has a really good idea" who the 2014 QB will be.
  190. Jared Allen
  191. Richie Incognito likes the idea of being a Raider!
  192. Mike Jenkins signs with Tampa Bay
  193. Post your draft SLEEPER
  194. Texans signed QB Fitzpatrick
  195. Raiders expected to trade for Schaub
  196. Who are the candidates to replace Houston?
  197. Welcome Matt Schaub
  198. JMac: Raiders will probably trade Pryor
  199. Road to recovery..
  200. Panthers desperately need WR help
  201. McKenzie, Palmer, and Schaub
  202. Carr's Revenge
  203. CWood on Schaub
  204. Who else thinks Sammy Watkins is the pick at 5?
  205. D.Jackson available for a 3rd!!
  206. 6th for Schaub
  207. NRC: Vick in and Sanchez out in NY
  208. Do we bring in Daniels?...........................
  209. IMO I hate the Schaub trade
  210. NFL AM - Talk Schaub to Raiders
  211. Raiders and Jets in the mix for Desean Jackson
  212. Stack the board and select BPA
  213. Matt Schaub vs Chargers Week One 2013 Highlights ...
  214. Would love to see Manning on his BUTT!
  215. Met WR James Jones Today
  216. Reggie knows
  217. Please.. No!
  218. How would you feel about Pryor for DJax?
  219. What are the chances of re-doing Schaubs contract?
  220. Mark Davis about possible L.A. move...
  221. NRC- Mark Cuban nails it
  222. Raiders won't trade for Desean
  223. Are you happy with our RB situation?
  224. Pryor asked to be traded
  225. Austin Howard to play guard
  226. ...I foresee the Raiders "all In" in this draft
  227. Kawakimi interview with McKenzie
  228. A look at DJax cap situation if traded
  229. Latest tweets
  230. No comp picks
  231. Schaub's cap # this year$7.5M
  232. prospect rankings and mulitple mocks from CBSSports
  233. Trading back
  234. Raiders updated salary cap status with Matt Schaub, Charles Woodson numbers
  235. Ralph Wilson dead at 95, RIP (SRC)...
  236. Raiders have 5 picks this year; So...no QB!!!!
  237. NFL's QB Bracketology a complete joke
  238. McKenzie on Veldheer
  239. Wow... a receiver who can actually catch!
  240. What is going on with DT Pat Sims?
  241. Coughlin showers Tuck with praise
  242. Scott Bair chat transcript on Raiders
  243. a look at the top WRs in the draft
  244. Raiders made a run at Jared Allen
  245. Raider fringe player thread
  246. Trade interest in Pryor
  247. Manziel pro day
  248. Thoughts on this front 7?
  249. Allen comments on Manziel
  250. MJD visiting the Raiders